Monday, April 7, 2014

i can't believe how many emails I got this week!

Oh My Heck!  Shout Out to so many people who wrote me this week!  I can't believe it!

Mani from India - A good friend of my Mom's wrote me the sweetest letter!
Stacie - My Aunt
Nedra Hunsaker and Ben Hunsaker!  Ben is back from his Mission, that went so fast!  Thanks for writing!
Olivia Moore - A YW in my ward back home!
DeAnne Hess - A good friend of our families for years!
Freencky Portas -  who was a missionary in our ward a year ago and he remembered me and wrote me!
Randy Hansen who works with my mom!
Anne Flint - She was my YW Leader!
Lauren Backus - thanks for writing to me! 
Michelle and Jessica - LB my Dance Coaches in High School!  Rick Smith - My Neighbor and one of the funniest people I know!

I SERIOUSLY couldn't believe that all those people wrote to me!!!!!

 Okay, this is Sister Cedeno's Mom!  First of All, Nicole sent that brief little note to tell me everyone who sent her an email this week.  I can't thank you enough but I will try.  Sometimes it is so hard to have your daughter so far away and when they struggle a little bit you want to do all you can to get them through those rough little patches.  I am truly grateful for the examples and influence you all have been in my daughter's life.  We are also so grateful for the time spent sending her just a little note of encouragement.  It meant so much to her and it meant the world to me.  Thank you again!  We are so blessed to have so many great people in our lives!  Below is a little piece of the family email we got this week.  I'm sure she spent most of her short time on the computer printing all her emails so she could read them later and then maybe sending a quick thank you to those who wrote.  She said she didn't have time to send a email for her blog so I'll give a small update from her family email.

Thank you all so much!  We love you!  

Wendy Cedeno (Sister Cedeno's Mom)

Okay Family - I have everything you sent me on my calendar!  I love being up to date with everything that's going on back home!

I feel like because of conference..everyone remembered I existed!  I got so many emails this week!  AND...My sixth month mark is on Wednesday or something!!  I can't believe I only have to do the time I've already done....2 more times!  If that makes sense... Crazy!

Did you guys ever get my letters I sent?  I hope you got them!

Elder Miller Toa...I'm still so sad about him!!  His picture is hanging up in my room along with my the inspirational thoughts you sent me.  I love them!  I get really scared about not coming home sometimes.  I hope you know I'm way careful.  There are some dangerous spots here if you know what I mean.

So many people told me they read my blog!  I can't believe it!  Thank you so much for updating it Mom!


I threw up ALL DAY YESTERDAY!!!  SO I couldn't go to conference!!  Thank you for all my little quotes!  I'm so excited to print them and hang them up!

Okay, no more time, but I love you so much!  Sorry I didn't get a blog email out, but I see... that you told everyone to write me!!!!!!  Thank you HaHaHa I needed it this week!  I miss you a lot!  This has been the first week I've even had the slightest desire to come home, but it was bound to come eventually.  I miss you dearly.  I miss America so much, but it's okay.  I love you dearly.


Hermana Cedeno

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