Tuesday, June 24, 2014

getting used to change

Hey ya´ll…..


Crap. I forgot to look at my calender, but there are a ton of birthdays!  If I miss you I promise to get you next time!

I know i just gave my dad a nice Little shoutout last week…

But his birthday is on Sunday hahha so here's another one for ya!  Happy Birthday Dad!

Some more birthdays!
My Cousins Morgan and Cade!  My Grandma Kathy, Happy Birthday Grandma!  My Uncle Roger,  Happy Birthday Big Guy!



They're having ANOTHER baby. Yes, people. We got another baby Jensen on the way. Ive never been so excited! Congrats!!!


Im out of Yacuiba. And I'm sooo sad about it. I was so excited to have another transfer with Hermana Villanueva and with all of my people down in Yacuiba.
We were expecting to receive the call for transfers on Wednesday night, like always… and Tuesday night, the Asistente (assistant) calls Hermana Eden's phone, and she puts it on speaker and Elder Gallego says

"Me pasa con la Hermana Villanueva?"  ("Can I speak to Hermana Villanueva?")

And we all run into the room and listen and Hna. Villanueva's like "hola?"

And Elder Gallego "Hna. Usted va a entrenar. Tiene que estar en el airepuerto mañana a las 3. Ya?"  ("Sister, You will be training, You need to be at the airport tomorrow at 3:00, ok?")

We were in shock! Ugh. Terrible. But the good part was that, for the first time, I knew I was the one leaving. So I had my Wednesday to go and say goodbye to all of the people I'd grown to love so much. Hermana Villanueva was the hardest to say bye to.

Tuesday night, we got on our knees to pray, and she just starts crying so hard and says

"Usted es como mi Hermana…" ("You are like a Sister to me...")

And we cried. Because that's what transfers are, everyone just freaking cries because honestly, i don't know when the next time I see these people will be.

La Familia Alvarez... this was the hardest family to leave. He was the one that you got the picture of him making hamburgers. I'll miss them a lot. Hugo, the dad, cried lots. haha, he is so sweet, really. it was really nice. lots of tears were shed on Wednesday.

This is Florinda, the deaf girl I was teaching. We ended up being really close, she was sad because I always helped her at church to understand everything. Hopefully she keeps going... ugh. kills me

 Me and Hermana Eden.  I will Miss her!
 I'll miss these girls so much!  Last Moments Together!


But Here I am! In Santa Cruz, a Neighborhood called Guaracachi, the Stake La Pampa. My companion is from Nicaragua and her name is Hermana Duran. She's "nuevita",("new") with 5 months on the mission, so hopefully I can help her out.

Her and her old companion opened this área. And honestly… there isn't much. There's lots of work to do here. There aren't many investigators, but there are lots of less actives. 

 So I get to Barrio Guarecachi and immediately I fall down and scrape my knee bad.  Welcome to Guarecachi.  not...

i'm here!! my companion is from NICARAGUA!!! she reminds me so much of Celia already ahahha it's so funny. her name is Hna. Duran and she ha 5 months on the mission. the area is like... empty. because they just opened it. but im gonna try really hard this transfer to find people to teach here. its cool being around other misionaries. in yacuiba there were only 10 of us. here there are like.... 30 haha

The view from the front door of my house in my new area.

I thought the change would be so hard for me again… but i think I've realized something. Every transfer, I am so mad about every change. I never want to leave my área. But every área that I've left… there was a time that i didn't want to be there. Does that make sense? God really does know what's best. And I know that I'm going to fall in love with different things in every área… so this área, I've decided to have an open mind and an open heart from the beginning. I'm not going to waste time missing my other área. Because I know that at some point, the La Pampa stake is going to have a very special place in my heart.

The city life… is different. Its so … HOT here. I haven't seen the sun since February and now I'm sweating again. Crazy! It's great meeting other missionaries. When I got to our zone meeting yesterday… I looked around like.. crap. I don't know anyone.

And then from behind me I hear..

"You just can´t stop following me, can ya?"


So good to see him after such a long time. Nice to have a familiar face in my zone. He was in Yacuiba before me, so we talked about Yacuiba for a good long time. It was good to see him.

It's definitely different. The área is huge. But the people are very welcoming. I think I'm going to like it here.. smiley face... ( this computer doesn't let me do it haha)

Thanks for all the support, and NO MOM.. I haven't gotten packages yet haha


Hna. Cedeño