Monday, June 16, 2014

my family rocks!

Shout outs :-)
So…. Yesterday was Fathers Day. And I have THE best dad Ever. So shout out to mi Colombianito Papito Juanito. Te quiero Muchisisimo.

ALSO. To my very good friend, Lanae Smith. Yesterday was her Birthday and she's on her mission serving in Argentina. I know she's just killin' it out there. Love you, Nay.


To my family…

Last Monday, I got a few nice little letters and a little package from my Aunt Stacie.

When I got home, I immediately opened my little package and found a CD!! And I was like "YES MORE MUSIC, STACIE HAS WAY GOOD TASTE IN MUSIC." And I get all the sisters together and we are so excited because we are so tired of all our music and we ran and put the CD on and laid on Hermana Eden's bed in our dresses staring at the ceiling.. and then I hear guitar. And we get even MORE excited like… this is gonna be so good.

AND THEN… I hear my Dad. Singing.

"HOLA… Niiicooole…. Dis is you Daad…." and I'm like "AH!!! THIS IS MY DAD!! MY FAMILY ROCKS, THIS IS MY DAD!!"

And all the sisters are like "…what?" haha and my dad sings this ridiculous song.. and he starts speaking in Spanish and my companion says "YOUR DAD IS SOOOO COLOMBIANO!!!"

and I hear these little messages from my whole family.. and the other sisters slowly trickled out of the room but I just laid on the bed and cried and laughed with my family. It was better than Mothers Day. Because I just felt like I was there. And everyone was just so… themselves.

My favorite part was when they sang "Love at Home".. because they just sang it so terribly and I couldn’t help but just laugh and laugh and laugh. Ugh. Thank you so much for putting that together. It meant so much to me, nobody's ever done something so sweet for me. Thank you Thank you THANK YOU.

Now to the week… (as if that didn’t make me trunky… ha.)

This week was actually so great. The first two days of the week we did intercambios with the other Hermanas and I met lots of new people in their area. And I felt like I learned a lot from the other sisters. I never want to do intercambios at first, but I'm always glad it happened by the end of the day. I learned a lot and I really want to improve in everything. In my Spanish, in following the spirit, in staying focused on the work all day. In everything. There's always a way to improve.

We are working soo hard with our investigators. They all have different needs, but we are really helping them to open up more and realize the importance of baptism. We just need to get to their HEARTS.

For example, last night, we were with Rome again. And we taught her about the whole Plan of Salvation. And THAT  was what she needed. And she opened up so much more. She told us that she has a testimony and that knows that it wont make a difference in her if she gets baptized tomorrow or in a year. So she picked her baptismal date.. FINALLY!

The 12 of July. Mark your calenders, people.

I've just really had my eyes opened this transfer. I really hope that I can keep EVERYTHING I've learned in the past 6 weeks with me for the rest of my mission. Bueno, for the rest of my life.

Cambios are this Wednesday, and it will just break my heart of they pull me out of my area now. But the Lord knows what's best, so we'll see where I am next time I write.

I never thought I would make the relationships I've made here. I loooove my people. I love the investigators. I never thought I would grow to have such a love for Yacuiba. I hated it when I got here haha. But I love it now. I really do. I hope I don’t get sent off too soon.

Also. A couple more shoutouts..

I got emails (GREAT EMAILS) from:

Jenny Flint
Ann Flint
Jocelyn Discuillo
And Ben Hunsaker
Julie Sargent

You guys are the best :-) Love you, love you, and I'll write you all back next week, okay? no worries! 

Love, Hermana CedeƱo

 My Hair is still falling out but I am still cutting it too.  I feel like I've cut off all the bad hair now.... :-)

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