Monday, June 9, 2014



HOLY. Guys, I got my package from the Activity Day girls in my Ward last week, and I didn't even wait to get home to open it. And all the other missionaries were soooo jealous ;)

Thank you so much for all my treats and my pictures! And all of your letters were so sweet, seriously. I read them over and over again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I loved it seriously!!  It was the BEST!!!

And to all of you that asked… yes. I still have hair.  However, during personal study, i take my scissors and while i read the scriptures, I just cut my hair haha and now it's way short after doing that for a week straight and I kept all the hair I cut because people always ask me if before I leave I can give them a curl... hahahha so its wayyyy short now but it feels healthier and I don't really care anymore what I look like.

Also… Today I hit 8 months on the mission. 10 Left. Can you believe I've been gone 8 whole months? Me neither.

But wow, this week was a week of CHANGE.

My companion, Hermana Villanueva, is the Sister Training leader her in Yacuiba, so we had to fly up to Santa Cruz to a meeting she had. She went to sleep in the nice hotel.. and I was sent to do splits with other sisters. And I actually loved it! I learned so much.

But I did realize that I actually love being far away from Santa Cruz. It was really weird because I didn’t know anyone up there! I have only met the missionaries that are OUT of the city. Like in Tarija or in Yacuiba. But I like it like this. I'm not excited to head up to Santa Cruz when it's my turn. I love being out here too much. Even if it is killing my physically.

Then on Tuesday, we had a conference with Presidente Willard. It just made me want to be better. I just want to change. I'm still thinking so much about me during the mission and I just want to figure out how I can give EVERYTHING to the Lord. I love my mission so much and I really want to make sure that the little time I have here is being used the way it should be. But the only way to do that is by making my will in line with His.

Hermana Villanueva really put what we learned in practice and honestly... NOTHING worked out the way we planned this week.. it went so much better. Almost nothing that we planned in our agendas went the way we wanted it to… but so many miracles happened and they were things that needed to happen.

Next week COULD BE our last week together and it just kills me!! I hope we are together one more transfer, but you never know. So we are really trying to finish this transfer off strong this week. We love our investigators and we are really trying to help them with everything they need.

Please pray for the people I'm teaching. They're very special to me.  This weekend, on Saturday, we had a huge activity with the branch! The Missionaries planned it and it was a huge success and we met so many new people. We had a "Movie Theater" in the Church with popcorn and soda and everything. We watched "The Testaments" and by the end everyone was wiping tears.

 It was the best.

Making popcorn was a pain in the bum for Hna. Villanueva and I because you have to make it in pots, but it was worth it. Even when the Elders burst into the kitchen every 15 minutes like...


Elders, it's time to learn the rule of the mission. If you want something done around here, you gotta do it yourself.

Love you all, saludos a todos. Especially the USA. MUAH.

-Hermana CedeƱo

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