Sunday, October 26, 2014

Emergency Transfer 10/20/2014

We had an "emergency transfer" on Friday. and I'm not in La Pampa anymore.... cambios were supposed to be tomorrow. but they switched me on Friday way unexpectedly because one of the Sisters was having back problems, so they moved her and moved me into her spot.... it was soo hard.

Just so you know. I'm in a barrio called "GUARACAL".

But I was totally preparing to say goodbye to people all week. I mean.. c´mon. I knew I was leaving. I'd been there almost 5 months!!!  But I was preparing to say goodbye especially to hna. Jojola and Elder Sarasty. ESPECIALLY ELDER SARASTY because he leaves to Colombia on Wednesday. But when they told me, I just looked over at Hermana Jojola and she just starts tearing up like way hard core and then we both cried.

 My new companion Hermana Briviesca, she is from California.
 The view from my new apartment
 When I mailed my letters from Central last Monday with Hermana Jojola!

That was at about 10 am. and I was out of there by 3:00. Hermana Jojola and I cried a lot. I didn't have time to say goodbye to everyone I would've liked to, but I said goodbye to Roberto, Kenia and their baby (my pensionista's family) and I gave their baby my build-a-bear. I gave them Boris.
I also said goodbye to Lola.   Remember I told you a bit about Lola?  She got baptized on Thursday.  What a blessing, because we tried SO hard to convince her to get baptized on Saturday, and she insisted on Thursday.  If we would've done it Saturday.. I wouldn't have been there. I love her.

I wrote a really long email but it just got deleted and I don't have any more time to write!  I'm so annoyed!

I love you all!


Hermana Cedeno

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