Monday, October 6, 2014

i love conference

 First off, sorry about no letter last week.  Hermana Jojola and I were sick with the Dang Denge Fever.  We're both doing much better and we're ready to get back to work!


Rylee shae!!!! Her birthday was on Saturday and she just turned dang 16 years old and I'm dying that my little cousins are getting that old. She was my best friend throughout all of College and I love her for it.

My parents just hit 21 years married. HOOOOLY crap. Good kids. Keep at it. Happy marriage :-)

Okay guys… I'm really sorry I've been such a loser when it comes to writing letters. It was just hard when we were stuck inside with dengue all week to think of things to write about…


And I totally watched it in English. Because Hna. Jojola and I speak English. So that rocks.

A couple of my favorite talks:

D. Todd Christofferson – that God loves us just as we are, He will not make us into something that our own decisions won't make us.

Dieter F . Uchtdorf -  that the truth is within reach of EVERY CHILD OF GOD. We just need to talk to Him, our Father.

Neil L. Anderson – Adjust your own "oxygen mask" before adjusting that of others.

Jorg Klebengat – We all got a little "waskita" with this one. Don’t let negative self doubt chip away your faith or your self-confidence.

Eduardo Gavarret- "Si Señor, yo te seguiré"

Jeffery R. Holland- Do what you can. Aren't we all Beggars? My mission has opened up my eyes to this need more than anything. And this talk really touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Because I could relate to Holland. And I also have passionate feelings on that subject as of now.

Richard G. Scott- "peace cannot come from the outside world. It will come from your own very heart"

David A.  Bednar- When he said "my talk will be directed to those listening who are not members of our faith" I quickly leaned over to Hna. Jojola and fiercely whispered "oh my gosh after this my dad is totally getting baptized this weekend"

It was just great, Conference always gives me that boost I need and I loved it.

While we were there yesterday morning, missionaries from every ward in the Stake showed up, a lot I had never met before. As I was talking to a couple of Elders from Colombia in Spanish, an Elder I'd never met before, from Idaho, was listening in on our conversation.

I then leaned over to Hna. Jojola, who was greeting people as they arrived and say in english:

"Lets go sit down in like 5 minutes, it's gonna start soon."

And she says "okay!"

Then I continue talking to the Elders and then the Elder from Idaho jumps in and asks me in Spanish..

"sabe ingles??"  (You know English?)

And I say.. "… Si.."

And he's like "Donde aprendió tan bien su ingles??" ("Where did you learn to speak such good English")

And then in English I'm like..

"Elder. I'm from Utah."

And he's like… oh. Hahaha all of us had a dang good laugh. Like… Elder… was that a black joke?

The rest of this week was really good, too. We finally got to work all week like normal. Hna. Jojola and I are really trying to help the few investigators that we have to progress.

ONE progressed a lot faster then we had planned. I know that I've talked about Diana before – that I felt like I was teaching my Dad. She knows the church is true, there was just always something holding her back. Well.. randomly this week, she decided she wanted to be baptized on Friday! WHAT?!

We asked her on Tuesday HOW she got her answer. She said:

"yo oré por 3 dias… y.. no sé. Se me nació el deseo!" ("I prayed for 3 days... and ... I don't know.  The desire was born in me.")

GUYS. When Diana told us this, we had found her walking home from work, so in the middle of the dirt road, Jojola and I are screaming and jumping up and down and hugging Diana and… it just came out of nowhere. She and her family are all so happy with her decision. It counted as a baptism for the Elders, because she's now lives in their area for the past 2 weeks. But we all know who's taught her for the past 4 months.. ;) But we definitely went to the baptism and she looked beautiful. She even asked Jojola and I to sing a song in English for the Program. We did and it was an amazing night.

Thanks for all of your support. The Zone Leaders just told me that I have a bunch of cards and MAYBE A PACKAGE… we will see. Love you all!!!

Love, Hermana Cedeño

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