Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Pure Love of Christ

This week was hard for Hna. Jojola and I.

The HIGHLIGHT of the week - and probably the HIGHLIGHT of my whole misison - was when José Antonio got baptized on Tuesday. That was like..... wow. The most amazing thing ever. He was so.. happy, mom. I've never seen anyone so happy. He knew exactly what he was doing and why. All of the Young men were there like totally cheering him on. Right before he was supposed to get in the font, Hna. Jojola and I went back with him and He RAN to the front door and looked outside and we were like...


and he was like "She hasn't gotten here yet."

and we say "who??"

and he says "my mom."

And it was so hard to do the baptism knowing that his mom wasn't there.... but he did it, and his mom arrived RIGHT after.   She was so sad to have missed it, but José literally wiped her tears from her face and told her just how happy he was. Mom. I've never been to anything like that.

I've been studying a lot about "The pure love of Christ" and what it really is... and yesterday we were talking to José.   And I just told him how important he was to me and I said like... if I get to the Celestial Kingdom and he's not there.. I would literally GIVE HIM my spot. Because I love him a lot. He's a really special kid.

I wish you guys could meet him.

I love you all!


Hermana Cedeno 

 Jose Antonio and Hna Jojola and myself
 The Youth in the Ward with Jose Antonio
 The Young Men in the Ward with Jose Antonio.
 Seriously, this was amazing.  I've never met someone so ready and prepared.
 He was so Happy!
 When his Mom got there after the baptism.

 I was being Whitney Houston :-).
 Sooo, it rained again. and Jojola and I had to run to the tiendita (the market) in the morning so we were sloshing around... like this. asi es.

This guy on the back of the bus had my hair LOL!
 This was so beautiful!

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