Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I love you all, but....I NEVER want to come home!

I'm way sorry, I'm a loser and I seriously.... don't have time to write anything. I know that makes you way sad...
 This is a cute family we met this week.  You know, just doin' my job.  Baptizing little children :-)  HaHaHa!

Okay, so this week was so much better. Hermana Jojola was so much better and we worked NORMAL. It was a little bit hard getting back into the "missionary groove" since we'd been in house for 7 days watching church movies and eating sandwiches....

 We went bowling last week!  So Fun!  So fun to see some of the Sisters I haven't seen in a while!

But we got our butts back in business and things are going so much smoother now. We are really finding people to teach. I feel like we have to start from point A because the investigator pool really is sooooo low. We are finding people that are prepared to learn about the gospel poco a poco. (little by little)
Hermana Jojola and I get along so well. We are always laughing, always coming up with new ideas, always striving to become better representatives of Christ. I love that Hermana Jojola is always looking on the bright side because sometimes.. I'm not like that. haha We are just becoming better people. I'm really becoming a better person because of her.
The members in the ward have been really awesome. Especially since Hermana Jojola's been a bit sick. They have really been so awesome in making sure we're okay and we have everything we need. 

 THIS is my favorite road!  It's so pretty!  It's my favorite road EVER.  This is when we are FINALLY getting to lunch.
Every time I pass this window...  I think of my country....ohhhh say can you seeee...!  


The same with the other missionaries. Our district is awesome. Awesome enough that Hermana Jojola and I bought banana bread and chocolate milk and took it to District meeting as a refreshment. They're really awesome.
We have combios coming up NEXT WEEK. I can't believe I've already been with Hermana Jojola over a month!!! Time just goes by too fast and it breaks my little heart.
 Guess how windy it is in Santa Cruz?!?!?!?!?
 Oh, and I got attacked by a Monkey so that's embarrassing!

Yesterday, we were talking about funny phrases that certain people say. Like, for example Roberto, our pensionistas fianceƩ, always says "Negativo" whenever he doesn't want to do something or doesn't agree with something.

Then they asked Hermana Jojola, "what's something that Hna. CedeƱo always says?"
And Hermana Jojola says "Nunca quiero irme." ("I never want to leave") or "yo freaking amo latinos."  ("I freaking love latinos")
They all got a good laugh out of that... haha I just love it here. I never want to go home. As much as I love you all... I'm so happy here. ugh. I love it here, mom. it's the best.

I love you all,


Hermana Cedeno

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