Monday, September 8, 2014

What if you could have anything you wanted?

Cambios are this Tuesday and it's just breaking my Little heart. I hope that I don't leave this place I just love it so much. And I just simply can't leave Hermana Jojola! We're best friends.

Roberto and Kenia got married!!! my pensionista :) Well... my pensionista's daughter. They´re like our BFFS. LB for them.

 Roberto and the Elders.

This week was almost normal.. So that's good haha

On Tuesday, Hermana Jojola and I went to do her immigration so that she can stay here :-) It was actually miserable. haha  All you do is stand in line and wait to… sign some papers.  It was great. The worst part was that… I already did my immigration a couple months ago. So I just sat in my own Little chair and waited for Hna. Jojola to get permission to stay in Bolivia.

Next to me was a guy from Brazil. We started talking and I just started begging him to start teaching me Portuguese… and he totally did. And I love it!! This week I've become a little over obsessed with Portuguese… during my "estudio de idioma" (language study)-- that's all I study. The. Whole. Hour. Yesterday I watched "The Restoration" like 3 times in Portuguese… I'm really planning on having it SOMEWHAT down by the time I get home. I'm lovin'it.

On Wednesday… I cut Hermana Jojola's beautiful long hair. She insisted and insisted and I've never been so scared to do something in my life. Not to mention the fact that once she sat down to get her hair cut… she handed me a pair of those like SCISSORS THAT THEY GIVE YOU IN FREAKING KINDERGARTEN. I'm like..

"GIRL YOU WANT ME TO CUT YOUR HAIR WITH THESE???"  And that's what we did.

It turned out cute :-)

And a couple days later… she cut mine. Haha I didn't want to.. but it had to be done… it was dead. Asi es la misión.

We started teaching two really awesome youth. Guys, I can't even tell you how AWESOME the youth in our Ward are. They are so great. They are always bringing their friends to hear about the Gospel.

One is José Antonio. I cant even tell you…. Ugh.

We have been teaching him for a couple of weeks. His parents don't want to listen to us but José is just.. all over everything. He goes to church, seminary, mutual. And  he loves it.

He is only 15 years old, so last night we stopped by where he is working (he Works at the house of a member along with a bunch of the other youth from the church) and I was like…

"Joseeé…. We have a present for you!!"

And he's like…. "what???"

And I hand him the form that his parents have to sign before he can get baptized. And all the other Young men like started cheering and yelling and saying like "Dude, that's so awesome, you're gonna get baptized!!"

And he just looked at Hna. Jojola and I and said.. ".. gracias. Muchas gracias."

He was. So. Happy. Ugh.. mi corazón. And then I asked him ..

"José, if we were really gonna give you a present, what would you want?"

And he pauses for a sec and says "a shirt and tie. To wear to church."

And everyone was just quiet. Because we all know José goes to church in jeans and a t-shirt. So Hermana Jojola and I say..

"okay". And right after internet.. that's what we're gonna go do.  We're going to buy Jose his shirt and tie. :-)

I love you all!


Hermana Cedeno

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