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First. Olivia Bitner. One of my bestest friends on the planet earth is 20 years old. Like me. Whew. She is serving in Finland and converting every soul up there. LB girl.

Also.. Sean Nielson. Dude, I totally get letters from you … IN SPANISH. And I loooove it!!! Why are you so stinkin' dang cool??? Espero que todo te esta saliendo bien alla en UTAH. Te voy a ver allí muy pronto, ya? ;) Nos vemos nos vemos!

Diana is one of my investigators at this very moment  that wont get stinkin' dang baptized!!  She even payed tithing yesterday hahahhahah!  She is worse than teaching Dad!!! dry. mormons. a missionary's worst nightmare.

 A cute festival the primary children were having at the church and Hermana Jojola.

 My Physical Therapist whom I love.  I think I'm about done with physical therapy. 

I have my last consulta con el doctor mañana y alli voy a averiguar.

 The other part.....  of our way to lunch.....
 Alejandro got baptized!

This week we were actually in the house like.... all week. Hermana Jojola passed out again on Tuesday.
It was a crazy experience.
We were about a block from the church and she started feeling week again. So I took her bag from her and I started to support her around her waist as we walked. I was thinking that I just wanted to go to the main road to get a Taxi. And as I started to go in the direction... something just kept telling me no.
And I didn't want to go to the church and worry people so I just turned, ONCE AGAIN, to go down the other road and grab a taxi.
But again i just felt like... no. I've never had such a strong feeling. And I just felt so alone because Hna. Jojola was so weak and almost not even conscious... and I just had no idea what to do.
And I just kept having the strongest feeling like... go to the church-go to the church-go to the church... so that's where I went.
As SOON as we walked into the front gates, Hermana Jojola Collapsed on the ground and it scared me so bad and I was... alone. So i just drop my backpack and her bag and I run faster than I've ever run to the back of the church where there were members.
As soon as I turned the corner and the members saw me, they were all on their feet and started running towards me and asking "Hermana Cedeño. what's wrong, what happened??" And I didn't realize till then that I was actually crying way hard and I just mumbled as best i could
"alguien puede ayudar a la hna. jojola?"
and i pointed to the front of the church, and all the members just ran to the front to Hna. Jojola. I kind of stayed in the back for a sec and then finally ran to the front with the members. She was laying on her back like... almost unaware of everything that was happening.
So I just leaned down and got her up with my arm around her waist and as I do this... I see Elder Burrola and Elder Sarasty AGAIN. Like.... RUNNING towards us. And they start asking me all these questions like "what happened, are you okay, is she okay??"
And after I get Hna. Jojola into the car that was provided for us, the Elders ask me "Do you want us to come with you??" and I just nod my head que si porque ya no sabia que ahacer solita. Y no quise estar en la clinica solita con la Hna. Jojola. 
 Hermana Jojola in the clinic.

So we all headed to the Clinic again. And we've been so careful since then and haven't left the house. We are hoping that this next week will be better and we'll be able to get out. But Hna. Jojola is the best. She is always so positive and so willing to work when she is able. I love being her Companion :)

Hermana Jojola for the past 7 days... ah.
Also here is a picture of me this morning. haha


Hermana Cedeno

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