Monday, August 4, 2014

Guys. I cant leave you without an email.. AGAIN. Here ya go…

Guys. I cant leave you without an email.. AGAIN. Here ya go…


Well… first off. Sorry if i forget someone. I left my Agenda at the Clinic this morning… woops.
Shoutout to the Birthdays..

AMBRIE BODILY. Sister Bods. Happy Birthday on Saturday. I hope it rocked and I hope you baptized lots of peeps up there in New Mexico.
LB forever and ever.

Also. My Cousin, BRAXTON! This punk.. I love you so much. Even if I haven´t Heard even one Word from you since Christmas. I still love you. Happy Birthday TODAY. Id totally call you if i could…. But I'm on a mission. You'll have to wait till next year ;-)

Happy Birthday to Tony Torres on Thursday!!! Girl… I don't think i could ever say LB enough..


Happy Birthday to MADDIE on Saturday. Giirlll.. ooooohhh… if i get one more gorgeous picture of you while im on my misison.. i just might commit suicide. HAVE A GREAT DAY BABE.


Guys. My birthday is on Sunday. And guess who I share it with? One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world.. Bret Lindley. Girl.  Please don't go too hard on your birthday… well, OUR birthday… I hope you're not still bitter about the fact that we share that day. Not to mention the fact that it will be Sunday. Just go to church… and go home. Save the partying for Monday. LB so hard.. 20 years old!

Okay. So this week was actually really good.


Her name is Hermana Jojola and she is from California! On the night of Cambios, we were in the Clinic, so we didn't hear our cambios for a while.

But my ankle is just.. driving me nuts. Hermana Jojola and I went  to the clinic again on Thursday night because it was to the point where I could hardly walk. My doctor is Doctor Manrique… and I love him like... an uncle. Haha no, I don't even know. But he studied to be a doctor in England… so he speaks english.. in a britain accent.

We walked into his office, sat down in his cushiony chairs, and He asked me how I was doing… and then I started to cry. Haha Because I've just been so nervous that they'll send me home… or earlier that week, Dr. Manrique said i might need a cast and I didn't want that either… so I just cried because I just want to be a normal missionary that walks normal.
And you know what he says to me in his british accent?

"Oh, dearie, don't do this. Calm down." and he shoves a box of kleenex on to my lap.

And it's quiet for a second and then Hermana Jojola started laughing way hard. haha

He gave me some pain killers and I'm going to see him tomorrow night to give him an update on how I'm doing. And I'm doing a lot better, I think its getting better… PRAY FOR ME, OK?

Hermana Duran was sad to leave.. but she was sent to YACUIBA. My town.  I told her so many times that she was going to loooove it.. because I loved it. But she wasn't having it. I hope she's doing great down there.

As for me…. Hermana Jojola and I have the same life! Everything she says, Im like… "ME TOO!"  Her and her parents were baptized all together when she was 11 years old and she is always using her conversión stories in our lessons. The members and investigators already just adore her and I really think we are going to have a successful transfer.

This week was a Little rough when it comes to teaching and finding new people to teach.. but we have made so many goals and plans for this coming week… bueno, for this coming TRANSFER. I know La Pampa is going to change.

The only rough part right now.. is Hermana Jojola has only been here 3 months… and she still isnt in spanish mode. And I, on the other hand, haven´t spoken english outloud since february. So she talks to me in english.. and i answer her in spanish. It´s a problem. Haha I didnt realize how weird english tasted coming out of my mouth…. Its.. gross.

I was super worried about Hermana Jojola and I getting along, cuz I dont know her! But on Sunday, we went to pick up a couple of investigators… and we showed up so late for church that we missed the sacrament… haha ugh.

So we sat outside of the meeting with our investigators and I lean over to Hna. Jojola and whisper… (in spanish..)

´´.. so .. what happens if we dont take the sacrament?´´

And she whispers back (in english…) ´´We burn in Hell.´´

At that moment I knew that we are going to get along juuuuust fine this transfer.

Also, yesterday I asked the Zone Leaders to give me a health blessing for my foot.
 Elder Sarasty, from Colombia, gave me the most b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l blessing and I´ve never felt so grateful. Shoutout to him J

Anyway…. Thanks so much you guys for always writing me. Sorry sometimes I dont get back to you. I´ve really been slacking in writing and typing letters lately. Im just… i dont know what´s gotten to me.
Im so different.

Hermana Jojola always asks me what kind of music i used to listen too, traditions my family had when we went to Disneyland, my favorite foods in America, what I did in my spare time… And this is going to sound so stupid, but i simply dont remember. I sound like a loser. She thinks Im a loser haha but I cante ven remember who i used to be. My purpose here has completely taken me over. I am going to be so. Weird.

Please help me when i get home to be normal. Please.

But right now… I´ve never been so happy. I love being a missionary.
When people ask Hna. Jojola how much time she has been on a misión, she says ´´3 months´´

And everyone says… ´´wow.. youre just starting.´´

And they ask me and i say ´´almost 10 months´´

And they say ´´ah, ya se va.´´

And it just breaks my Little heart every time cuz it´s like… dude. I still have 8 months, tranquilo, you´re not getting rid of me yet.

But i love you all. Thanks for loving me back. MUAH.

see you in 8!


Hermana Cedeño

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