Sunday, August 3, 2014

Emails are getting Fewer and Far Between.....

Hi All,

This is Hermana Cedeno's Mom.  Someone once told me at the beginning of Nicole's mission that when the emails stopped coming you knew she was completely immersed in the work and the people.  Well....  I feel like that time has come.  She told me she struggles to write because she only speaks English on Monday's when she's emailing to me.  Her English is suffering... I spend at least 15 min cleaning up some of the misspellings and the punctuation errors in her emails. :-)

I'm not sure how often the emails will be there weekly, but I do know that she runs in, let's me know she's okay, sends a few pics and then she's off again doing the Lord's work.  She is absolutely loving the work and the people of Bolivia.  I love hearing her stories, I love hearing her personality come right through her words, but I am absolutely okay with her letting me know she is doing great, and then she's off again to serve her Heavenly Father and do His work.  

If an email comes tomorrow I'll make sure and post it, if not I'll continue to post her pics that she sends.  Don't forget about her, remember to write if you get a chance or send a quick email.  A little support goes a long way.  

A few Pics from Hermana Cedeno in Bolivia:

 My Area is very.....Outdoorsy :-)
Kenia´s birthday!! she turned 23 and she is like the size of mckinley hahaha she is my pensionista´s daughter and we are way good friends, always laughing at all kinds of stuff. she has a little son, too. he´s the cutest thing. it was a fun time
My District!

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