Tuesday, February 10, 2015

By understanding the love He has for me, I have come to have a deep love for Him

Um…. So I guess I'll actually write a normal letter. Haha

Shoutout to Brody because itss his birthday and I love him even though he never writes me!!!! 


Since you won't be hearing from me for 2 weeks because… it's that time again!!! CARNAVAL.

Today I hit 16 months… sadly. Once the missionary starts getting old, everyone just stops celebrating so that the elder/sister doesn't burst into tears and fall into depression before they even get home. So there's that.

So, on Wednesday, we had a Zone Conference with Presidente y Hermana Willard and I just can't get it out of my head. I learned so many things and I felt like I really learned so much more about Christ.

During the conference, we were studying and looking for examples in the scriptures, I found Alma 32:15-16. This is when Alma is teaching the poor…

El deseo de bautizarse realmente debe nacer de uno. A mi me encanta este escritura porque no dice ni una vez que para seguir a Jesucristo, se tiene que "haber leído todo el Libro de Mormon" ni "saber todo" ni "ser perfecto"… nada asi. El vivir la doctrina de Cristo es el esforzarse a llegar a ser como Él era. Como Él es.

Translation: ( The desire to be baptized should really be born of one.  I really love this scripture that says not a time to follow Jesus.  You don't have to "read the entire Book of Mormon", or "know everything", or "be perfect"...nothing like that.  Living the Doctrine of Christ is Striving to become as He was.  As He is.)

I loved what President Willard said in the Conference..

"It doesn't matter what you say or if you say Christ's name 100 times during the lesson. What matters is that those words come from your converted heart."

I realized that it doesn't matter if I'm talking about Christ like crazy or not. What matters is that the people I teach really, but REALLY, feel His love and understand what His purpose really was. If we aren't willing to live the doctrine of Christ, or walk in His footsteps, we wont see miracles. Not until after our faith has been tried.

I've realized that I really need to humble myself and just be His. Just be His servant. Sometimes we think we know more than Him. And we don't. Everything I do in this area has to be done because HE wanted it to be done, not because I wanted it to be done.

I loved what Hermana Pucheta said during the Conference: That being obedient is the ONLY way we can show Christ and Heavenly Father that we have faith in them… there is no other way. We have to obey them with willing hearts.

My heart was so full after the conference. I just realized really.. how much I love Them. I just love Them. Christ and our Heavenly Father. I want everyone I come in contact with to know of Christ and to know and see the love that I have for Him and of the love that He has for them. Al entender el amor que Él me tiene, he llegado a tener un amor profundo por Él.  (By understanding the love He has for me, I have come to have a deep love for Him).  I don't know how I didn't feel it before. I just didn't understand.

I want to give Him more. Because I love Him.

And… I'm going to always pray on my knees :-) Thanks to President for the object lesson.

NEXT week, Marcelo is getting baptized. On the 21st. Just letting you know since… I'm not gonna be on the computer next week haha He actually got to church yesterday before us and helped the rest of the Young Men prepare the sacrament, set up chairs, pick what hymns we were going to sing. We are so excited for him. And he is beyond excited :-)

The Familia Yampara, the couple that couldn't get their divorce through, is still planning on getting married and baptized the weekend of the 28 of February! They put their papers through this week and it should come out as a settled divorce in the next few days!! We are so excited for them!!!
We have found a lot of new people to teach and we're just going to have to see how we go with them this week. I love this area though and I love the members. They are amazing!!

Also. We changed Pensionistas. It's just that Charito was sooo busy. So for the month of February we are eating with the family Chavez. And oh my gosh, we love them!!!! They are a Young couple with two crazy Little boys and their isn't a lunch that goes by that we aren't just laughing and laughing… and laughing. Yuri and Silvia Chavez :-) Yuri went to Colombia on his misión, so he is always talking to me about Colombia… even though the only Colombian things about me are my blood, hair and last name…

He still kills me with all of his misión stories. We love Los Colombianos :-)

I love you all.


Hermana Cedeno

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