Monday, February 2, 2015

A dirty rag can't clean a dirty floor...

Presidente Willard,

I love fast weekend because we always see miracles :) It's the best.  I thought it would be sooo hard to be in a trio... but I actually love it. Probably becaue I have the best companions on planet earth. They are so amazing and i keep learning more and more from them every day. 

So... Veronica got baptized!! It was a beautiful Service and the whole ward showed up to support her!! What a blessing. When we first started to teach her, she was so confused of WHY we wanted to convert her so bad. Why did we always take members with us to teach her and why did we want her to know the "truth"? But after her baptism, she shared her testimony and said that all she wanted was to share the Gospel with her family. She is the only Mormon in her Family now. And she now understands WHY members of the church want to share the gospel so often... because... it's what makes us happy :) We are going to have  family home evening with her and her family this Friday and hopefully everything comes out great. It makes me happy that she wants her family to live the gospel as well. I'm so proud of her.

Yesterday at church, we were asked to teach the class in Young Women's. We weren't really sure what to give the class on, so we decided to talk about the importance of Young Women's and how it has blessed our lives. When actually.... the Young Women's program changed my life completely. As I told those girls about how Young Women's had had such an imprint on my life... I sincerely felt the love that Christ and Heavenly Father have for each of those girls. They are so special to Them and I just wanted them to know that. 

I realized that that love stayed with me all day, and all of the women we taught that day... I just saw them as daughters of God that they are and I just wanted them to KNOW THAT! Because sometimes... we just don't know how special we really are to Him. 

After church, we got a reference from Presidente Enrique. He is now the Young Men's President in our ward, and he introduced us to Marcelo. A young 15 year old boy that has been going to church for a month in a white shirt and tie. No wonder we never realized he wasn't a member!! We went and taught him yesterday and he is amazing. He wants to be baptized. His parents are super supportive, but want nothing to do with the church themselves...

The best part was that we scheduled an appointment to go visit him in front of the rest of the Young Men... and when we showed up to the appointment... 8 of the young men were there to support him as he listened to "the missionaries".. (us) :)

He is great andI'm so proud of the Young men and their willingness to share the gospel with their friends. We're going to have some great Elders coming out of Guaracal for the next couple of years. 

The appointments we've set this week fell through... a lot. We, as in Briviesca, Pucheta and I, have decided that we need to make our first contact with the people we talk to more meaningful so that they wont fall through on us. So that they'll wait for us all week to go visit them!

This morning I started my personal study with a question "How can I become more like Christ?"

I read about the sacrament in this month's Liahona and realized that in order to become like Christ, I have to, HAVE TO perfeccionarme. I have to repent and be clean of every mistake. I can't invite people to repent if I myself am not clean of my mistakes. I want to really use the sacrament every week. 

Because a dirty rag can't clean a dirty floor. If i want to help people become clean, I myself have to be clean :)

Thanks for everything President! Here's to another amazing week in Guaracal 


Hermana CedeƱo

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