Monday, February 10, 2014

We're Not Late, We're Early For Tomorrow....


FIRST. to my Dad. Well... my mission Dad. Elder Rios is heading home.  He´s been my only zone leader my whole mission!! Hasta Luegito Elder.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Azialee Hunt Serving in Texas. SERIOUSLY one of my bestest friends, I miss her to death. Also Abraham Lincolns birthday is this week... for those who want to celebrate that..

AND. To Brody Barfuss. My best friend in the entire world. He doesn't write me. Ever. But whatever, its fine. I don't know where I would be without him, he´s literally changed my life for the absolute better, even being the punk and a half he is. Best cousin ever. Love you, Brod.

 We've been Friends Forever!
 Our trip to Puerto Rico!

 Caribbean Cruise :-)


FROM the Barfuss Family!! Oh my goodness, I cant tell you how much i loved my package!!! The quote book.. I go so hard. I love it so much!!  I loooved my letters. I was laughing so hard. Especially at Morgan... "speaking spanish" and at Rylee talking about Brody´s singing at the end of her letter... I was dying because I know exactly how that is.  Mikel... I cant believe you are a stinkin´-dang MOMMY. Congrats to you and Blake!!!! MONICA. Thank you. I love you dearly. Thank you so much for my cook book!!  I can't thank you enough for the recipe book!  I left it at the Bishop's house last night because his wife was going crazy!!! We love american food.  Hermana Carmen loves it so much (the Bishop's wife).  She reminds me so much of my own Mom, she is the best!

Also from like.. the Relief Society?? I got my Christmas Package! So awesome with all the cards and my AWESOME high heel stocking. I was laughing so hard!! It was the best!!!  THANK YOU.

and.. shout out to Elder Bailey´s family. I heard you read my letters.  Bailey and I are planning on getting Latino Companions this transfer so we can learn this dang language!  haha

Okay, to the week.

So.. sadly. My black shoes broke! My ones that I really love and wear a lot. The bottom ripped off the from... so my shoes have mouths. BUT there is a ´´Zapateria´´ next to my house... and his little hut has Pornography posters all hung up inside. And I took my shoes to him...  and he fixed them for 2 freaking Bolivianos. Do you know how much that is? That´s like not even 25 Cents, okay. THAT was awesome. I was gonna send a picture of his hut.. but that would just be a picture of pictures of naked people.. so.. sorry haha

This Sunday was Ward Conference, so all week we had a bunch of different activities. Wednesday night was "Noche de Juegos" and we all met at the chapel and played sports. It was actually... so fun haha I loved it.

Thursday was suuuuper rough. It just rained all day so, once again, the roads were RIVERS. That is the WORST. I'm going on the hunt for rainboots today because.. This has just got to stop.

But, earlier in the week, Hna. Blanco and I found a man that spoke ENGLISH! He was just on the road and he just.. started talking in English. He explained to us that he lived in Utah to study at Utah State for a few months. THAT'S WHERE I STUDIED. He explained that he is losing his English and wants to be refreshed. Every human being I talk to or teach around here wants to learn English. SO...

Elder Bailey and I are starting an English Class. Its starting this coming Friday and we aren't the only ones that are so excited about it.  As far as I know.. All of Bolivia is coming, So we are super excited to get that started. We hope we can get some new investigators out of it too.

Friday, we had a fireside!! Hermana Iblis Angelo, the relief society primera consejera, taught Hna. Blanco and I how to make cake.. and we took it to the fireside! It was so awesome. During the fireside, The Bishop told me that I  was in charge of watching his helmet.. so he gave it to me.. and I wore it. It´s not hard to make him crack up while he´s on the stand haha I love it.

SO. lets go to SUNDAY, shall we? freaking. this was a mess.

So, I admit.. we were running a little bit late getting ready sunday morning, so I hop in the shower at about 7:40. When I get out of the shower, its almost 8:00... and the phone rings. And it´s the Elders.  Elder Wilkinson and Elder Bailey. And they´re like:

"Uh. so there was a meeting this morning at 7:30 at the church with the whole stake council and the Stake President is wayyy mad that the missionaries aren't there.. so get ready fast and we´re coming to get you. NOW."

and I'm like.. what? I"M STILL IN MY FREAKING FRESH-OUT-OF-THE-SHOWER-NESS. So I RUN into the other room and tell Hermana Blanco and we are just going HAM trying to get dressed and ready for this thing and about 38 seconds after I had hung up with the Elders, they were at our front door. UGH.

So we show up to this meeting.. I'm still sopping wet, and the President starts Criticizing us for being LATE!! When we make it clear that we didnt know about the meeting... he apologized. But then that made the Bishop look bad for not telling us... eek.

We then later found out that the Bishop had called the Elders last night, told them about the meeting and told them to tell US, THE HERMANAS. Whatever haha It was rough.

Not to mention the Bishop already looked bad enough because he´d gotten hit in the fact with a basketball the night before, so he had a black eye.. haha

But no worries, my aunt had sent me some toy eye patches in my last package. So I gave one to him. It was AWESOME.

Last night, Hna. Blanco and I went to the Familia Landivar, the Bishops family, to hang out and spend some time with them. I loved it. I just felt like I was at home. But really... like HOME. Like I was at my house with my family. We laughed at Bishop´s black eye, we taught some english, I helped Hna. Carmen translate some recetas from my recipe book, Bishop laughed at my translating because I cant speak spanish, so translating is like pictionary haha But I just had a GOOD TIME. I love them so much! They remind me so much of my own family. All fun and games.

 Us and the Bishop's Family, we shared our toys that my Aunt sent!

I wanted to share this scripture before I ended!!

Romans 8:38-39

38- for I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come

39- nor height, nor death, nor any other creature, shall be able  to separate us from the love of God.

My mom sent that to me a while ago.. and I just love it. :) I LOOOOVE the work here. Im going to be sad because.. tonight is cambios. New transfer!! And I hope with all my heart I don't train, but I know im getting a new companion!! Adios to Hna. Blanco. But we have really seen changes here in Senac. I love this ward. I love this Gospel with all of my heart. Thank you for all of the support, I love you all!!!

 This is a picture of our district!

This is our Zone!  Awwww, We're getting split up tonight!


Hermana Cedeno

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