Monday, February 3, 2014

"I'm going down the Raails on a Crazy Traaiin"

SHOUT OUTS. and there are a LOT.

First. I got the BEST package EVER from my sweet Aunt Stacie!! I handed out all my cute toys and treats she gave me this week and I am still every child in Bolivia´s favorite HUMAN BEING!! I laughed way hard though when I opened it during lunch and found about 300 packages of OREOS. OREOS. The only American food they actually DO HAVE in Bolivia hahahahhaha

But, she also sent Cheez-its. I almost cried. I shared them with the Latino Elders who had never seen them before. They almost cried too.. when they were gone.

I also got the BEST letters ever from the CUTEST COUSINS EVER. Thank you, Thank you!! I'm so happy they had fun on their Disney Cruise!!!

Mikeyla with the toys my aunt stacie sent!

 My Cute Bag McKinnley made me!  I take it everywhere!

Shout out to Trevor Obray, Ashley Kotter and Jenna Christensen. ´´One year older and wiser too...´´ :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Shout out to Mallory Moss.. I don't know if she is gone yet. But she gave her farewell. That's a Big deal.

Shout out too.... okay. My Dancin'-self is comin'out. MY LANCELLES. I heard they rocked Region. Now, I know its been a couple years.. but drill is in my blood. Please don't judge me for still caring.. even though I'm in a different Country.

Annnnd.... Ashley Weeks. I heard Syracuse Rocked it too hah!  And Congrats on the Academic Achievement!  What an amazing achievement!   

AND I GOT 2 PACKAGES TODAY!!!! i seriously cant express how much LOVE I get from home. You are all amazing. one from.. looks like the Barfuss family!!!! and the other says HALL. so I'm guessing the Halls sent me something!! so nice!!!! I'm so excited to open them!! Even though I get sooo much crap from the zone.
I'm loved. :-)
I want coconut bread. please have that ready for when i get home, thank you.

OKAY. To the point. I honestly don't have much to say about this week.

How was the Superbowl? Hopefully sooo fun! I was home all day yesterday, poor Hermana Blanco was SICK. Soooo.. sick. All day. So I just.. thought of the superbowl. All day.

Wednesday. I can just write about Wednesday.


 It Rains Errday in Bolivia....

We had a short lesson with a man named Arturo. He was trying sooo hard to convince us we were wrong.. that every church is true! That there isn't only one.

And I was soo frustrated after the lesson. Especially because we had to talk to him on his doorstep because their wasn't a woman home, so we were dripping wet.

So we leave his house, and I'm just.. miserable. When suddenly -- did I ever mention I have a weak left ankle? Thanks to dance -- my ankle gives out and I am sitting in a puddle. And then I start to choke up.. and Hermana Blanco is like:

"Hermana, its okay! Stand up! Remember how hard we were laughing this morning?? Remember that one time that Elder so-and-so said blah blah blah blah.."

and I just stand up. And look at her. And say:  "IT'S MY SISTER'S BIRTHDAY"

and then I cry haha bless my heart..

So we keep walking.. and we smell BREAD. fresh. baked. bread. So we follow our noses and find a cute little cafe on a corner, and the sweetest lady gives us Bread and bolsitas de jugo and we teach her. We teach her about the Restauracion del Evangelio and she is just eating it up! We talk to her and her little Brother and they tell us they want to go to church Sunday.. awww!!!

They didn't end up coming haha But its okay!! We actually really did have success this week. We had a lot of members helping us out and going to lessons with us. We have made some progress with Menos Activos and they are having desires that they didn't have before.

I don't KNOW what I'm going to do when Hermana Blanco leaves! She is the only Mom I've ever had down here! Well.. if you count members, I have like 7 moms. But I just pray with all my heart, might, mind and strength that I don't train. I ain't ready. I have to learn Spanish.
 Me and Sister Blanco... I'm not sure what to say....

Also, We looove our new place! The Elders helped us move on Saturday. We love it. EXCEPT. The neighbors BLAST MUSIC EVERY NIGHT.
 The Elders helped us move to our new place.

 So we shared our cheezits that my Aunt sent to me.

I didn't realize how much I missed radio. Blurred Lines played for about an hour straight last night.. and i sang along. No shame.

Also.. I'm not sure what the song is called. Its on Megamind.. --the most hilarious movie EVER -- and it goes "I'M GOING DOWN THE RAILS ON A CRAZY TRAIIIIIN!!!". It played for LITERALLY 3 hours straight last night. over. and over. and over. and over. and I hate that song now, thank you.

Also. I did laundry this morning. shout out to me.

HaHaHa!  Theyhave all the stuff here that didn't sell in the states!
Sister Willard, The mission president's daughter.  She's the sweetest thing!
Elder Bailey and Elder Wilkinson.
I hung up all my best friends in my new apartment!

con amor,

Hermana CedeƱo

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