Monday, February 24, 2014

The Rescue


Okay, It was Ben Hunsakers Birthday Saturday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Actually, im pretty sure it was George Washington´s, too. HBD.

Shoutout to my Mom because she is the most amazing woman I have ever met. She is my biggest fan when it comes to me being here on my mission and there is no way I would be moving through all I am without her support. 

To Roger and Jennifer,I've never thought about someone more in my life. I prayed for you both so much. I'm so happy Jen is doing better. Still in my prayers.

Can I first just say how dearly I love my companion, Hermana Lyon. I haven´t ever, my whole mission, laughed as much and as hard as I did this week. Not only that, but Ive never had the success that we had this week. When I moved areas and I ended up in Paraiso.. I was soo.. just so.. NEGATIVE about the WHOLE situation. I finally just gave in and said…

´´Come what may.. AND LOVE IT.´´

As soon as I did that, the blessings just poured down from Heaven. Opportunities opened up and the ball was rolling. Faster than I've ever seen it roll before. 

Monday Hermana Lyon and I… we just needed our hair cut. It just had to happen. So we go to this hair salon and we meet Yolanda. So Yolanda is absolutely gorgeous and as she is cutting my hair she is asking me allll these questions about being a missionary and Mormons and everything. So I straight up give her the first vision right there and.. she was our first new investigator. She is so awesome and Hna. Lyon and I are so excited to watch her progress. 

Tuesday we met the Bishop´s nephew, Pablo. He is a less active and lives with his girlfriend and son. Um.. so in the first 5 minutes of our lesson, Pablo is looking at me and says..´´do you dance?´´ When I say.. ´´yes…´´ he´s like… ME TOO. We both do ballet and when he just magically swung his arms up into 5th position I about died because.. well. Usually when people say ´´I DANCE´´… its just not the same. But yes, Pablo freakin' dances. And he´s good. And we are best friends right now. AND him and his girlfriend came to church for the first time in over a year yesterday. Pablo just needed to be taught by a ballerina haha!

 (Just a cute quick pic of Nicole dancing in High School)

The rest of the week.. Hermana Lyon and I just had so much fun. We were so unbelievably booked with appointments, we found so many new investigators, it is absolutely unbelievable. This area was SO ready for us! The Lord has prepared so many people! We put 7 baptismal dates this week and we are hoping to have them all in the water by the end of March. These people.. I am just blown away by the amount of people that have been just WAITING to be rescued.        

We definitely had.. moments this week. The lady we live with is about.. well. Old. Okay, if you have seen Series of Unfortunate Events, she is EXACTLY like the old lady that is completely psycho. Hahaha No, but really. This morning she gave me beet juice.

Her- ´´le gusta??´´(do you like it)

Me- ´´uh… -tastes it-… creo que no.´´ (I don't think so)

Her- ´´´.. porque?? Es saludable.´´ (Why not? It's Healthy)

Me- ´´… ya, por eso. Es como tomando plantas.´´ (It's like drinking a plant)


Also. There is this lady that sells ICE CREAM. She is a member and she just pushes her little ice cream cart around and she is the CUTEST! The first time Hna. Lyon and I ran into her, she gave us two free ice cream cones.

When I took my first lick… I'm pretty sure it was made out of 40 year old goat milk and tar. The worst part? EVERTIME SHE SEES US SHE STOPS US AND GIVES US FREE ICE CREAM. I cannot take it anymore, every time Hna. Lyon and I see her, we flip around… and run. We are watching our health!

All in all.. This week has been amazing. I miss my old area dearly, dearly. But at the same time, I wouldn’t trade this for anything. Hna. Lyon and I are really changing things and we are loooving it. I could be her companion for the rest of my mission. The problem?.. I'm never gonna learn Spanish that way hahaha!

With all my love,

Hermana CedeƱo   

p.s… CARNIVAL NEXT MONDAY. So you won't be hearing from me. I've never been so annoyed in my life haha all is well.                              

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