Monday, January 27, 2014

´Why are you so freaking butt ugly?´´

Happy Birthday, Ashley! I think of this girl at least every 5 minutes. She is my best friend even though she writes me about once a month, its fine. I LOVE YOU.
 (Nicole asked me to add pics of her and Ashley...)
ALSO. Happy Birthday to Bishop Blamires and my friend serving in Arizona, Dallin Hales. I hope its... AWESOME.
Not lots happened this week, but hey. It was a week.
So. Ive got to the point of.. annoyed beyond measure with the fact that my hair was like 20 different colors. SO... i bought 4 dollar hair color and made Hermana Blanco color my hair hahahahhaha
So now its the same color. If I could send videos... it was just hilarious. But hey, it worked! hahaha Aunt Char is going to kill me!

We had our Zone Conference on Wednesday with Presidente y Hermana Willard. It was SO good to see them again. They are the best. I learned a lot at zone conference. I want to be more CONFIDENT. I want to talk to everyone!
Because, honestly, if you think about it, I'm LITERALLY a representative of Christ.. yet, sometimes, I ride a bus all the way to my destination without talking to one person. When, if it was literally Christ sitting on the bus, He would've shared the gospel with every human being on that bus. Does that make sense? I want to be better at that.
On Friday it rained.. so. freaking. hard.
Literally, I've never seen it rain that hard on planet earth in my whole. entire. life.
The roads were literally rivers and crossing roads.. I thought it was going to bring me down so many times haha so scary.
We had a Noche de Hogar (FHE) planned with one of the families in my ward.. and we couldn't find any of our investigators. Or they just wouldn't answer the door because of the Mississippi rivers.  We were sooo frustrated, soooo wet, soooo discouraged because that was supposed to be a good day.
We went to the member´s house anyway, without anyone. And when they asked where our investigators were..
  I started crying. hahahha
They brought us in and Hermana Blanco and I, sopping wet from head to toe, sat on their couch. They brought us popcorn and chips and it actually turned into a night I needed. Hermano and Hermana Boswaldo talked to us, showed us pictures from Hermano Boswaldo´s mission and we laughed and laughed and it was just awesome.
I don't know what we would do without some of these members, I love them dearly.
We had inspections the next day and were told that we have to move out of our house becccaauuuuse... we are being invaded by MOLD.
BUT WE FOUND A HOUSE. And we are moving on Wednesday and its an AWESOME house. Its so much nicer than ours now and I'm so excited.
When the Zone leaders came to look at our new house to make sure it was okay for sisters, we started talking about my Spanish and how I need to speak it more, practice more, try.. more haha
Elder Pacheco: ´´El Español es en su sangre, Hermana, es en su sangre!´´
(spanish is in your blood, sister, its in your blood!)

Elder Gallego: ´´NOO Hermana, es en su Cabello.´´
(No, Sister. Its in your hair.)
It's somewhere.
The next day we went back to the Familia Boswaldo to eat lunch with the Elders, Elder Bailey and Elder Wilkinson. The Elders start telling Hermano Boswaldo to tell me ´´his favorite sentence in English´´..

so im like.. okay, lets hear it. And Hermano Boswaldo says:
´´Why are you so freaking butt ugly?´´
And the Elders are laughing and laughing and laughing.. haha Why are they teaching the members such things?
Okay, i was laughing too haha
Anyway, I'm great. I love it here. Its hot. And it rains. Its almost like being in Utah with the Bipolar weather, its great.
The church is true, love you all!
-Hermana Cedeño

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  1. I love reading your blog Hermana. You are so fun. An old neighbor from before Pheasant Place is coming to your Mission. Watch for her. Alex Arave. She's pretty great.
    -Stephanie Heiner (in case you forgot who I am, I'm Amelia/Millie' s mom and you've babysat for us before. :-) )