Monday, January 6, 2014

Additional Advice to Sisters


pepto bismol. a big bottle

nice scriptures in Spanish that have tabs if you are going to an MTC that isn't Provo. they don't give those to you there. bring your own.

don't bring a pillow! waste of space, you'll have one. but bring a pillow case

don't bring batteries. they sell them here.


a nice big roll of duck tape

glue stick

small pencil sharpener

memory card adapter

i brought a ´´smooth trip´´ Travel Gear Power Converter that converts to 50W and 1875W. I got it in Provo! But I sometimes charge my stuff without a converter.. it only makes a difference with some things. I only find out when I unplug something and its BOILING HOT. Then I know that next time.. use the converter haha it just depends on what you're charging.

markers that don't bleed through. like.. crayola.


no scarves


no bracelets, it just gets sweaty and annoying.

i love my earrings. bring lots.

SIMPLE SHIRTS. not too tight. not too loose.


don't get crazy, they really have everything you need here. maybe not the brand you want... but they have everything.

if Tarija is your first area.. cry tears of joy. its the best place to be born.

The Church is True!  I love you all!

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