Monday, January 6, 2014

On a first-name basis


So I feel like I haven't written a REAL email for about 22 years. Lets get this show on the road.

SHOUTOUTS. To my Aunt Stacie and her cute family sent me the cutest little notes decorated with snowflakes and all KINDS of whatnot and I hung them up. THANK YOU JENSEN FAMILY. Also, Shout-out to Geno, for writing me! He has made the decision to go on a mission. What a rockstar. And shout out to my Uncle Shawn, it was his birthday Friday!! Hopefully he didn't party too hard. And shout-out to the Barfuss Family... who sent me a package that might not get here till July. Its the thought that counts.

 (I hang up everything I get from my family!)

SOOO. This week... has sucked a little.

First we had CAMBIOS. aka.. transfers. Hermana Blanco and I will be together another transfer!! That's the good news. The rest of the week is the bad news haha

 (P-day is casual.  Sometimes when its over I just put on a skirt :-) )

It all started New Years day. I had some pretty set goals. I was determined to make this the best year of my entire freakin' life.

We went to our first lesson. An old couple who aren't members of a church. We started with a song and began talking about, my man, Joseph Smith. All of a sudden, The man of the couple starts going off about how we are mistaken. How everybody is their own prophet and THEN.. he talks for the rest of the hour. And we are just SITTING THERE.

It got to the point where whenever I would try to but in to say something, he would interrupt me and continue to make us feel...
stupid. I got to the point where I wanted to CRY. But no, his WIFE starts crying! She starts crying and telling him that all she wants to do is learn about Christ and every time she lets someone in to do that, he overrides them.

It was SUCH an uncomfortable situation.. so we got out of there. I hope we can head back there sometime when the man of the house isn't there.

I later found out his name is Jesus. Awesome.

So. Same day.. we leave the lesson. And we decided we needed a BREAK.
We needed to calm down after that one. So we went and sat on the ground in the Plaza. We sat for about... maybe 10 minutes... and then when I stood up..

I couldn't.

I had this SHARP PAIN in my back. The worst part? I knew I had felt that pain before, and I was not looking forward to dealing with that again.

About 2 years ago, I pulled my Sciatic Nerve. Its a nerve that starts in your lower back, goes down your bum, and to your feet. I pulled the left side my first time. And I pulled my left side the second time.

After going home and getting a blessing from my District leaders, I was bed ridden the rest of the day. The NEXT day, we headed to the Clinic.

When I checked in, I gave them my name and waited in the waiting room.
All of a sudden, Hermana Blanco is like ´´HERMANA CEDEÑO THEY'RE CALLING YOU.´´

The nurse had been down the hall yelling ´´NICOLE´´ for like 20 years and I was just sitting there. Because that´s not my name anymore. I guess we´re on a first-name basis now.

Then I go and get X-rays. What more to say about that.. it was really fun.

 (Every single morning before my shot.)

The doctor told me I ALSO have Spina Bifida. Haven't heard that one before. The thing is, I still don't speak Spanish. So I'm not sure what he said about that.. But hopefully it doesn't cause any problems haha

Also, they were freaking out over my X-Rays because my hips look so bad. They wanted to do something for them.. but I told them ´´No´´...
I was a dancer for 8 years, what do you expect? Just leave them haha At least we know they can´t get any worse!!

 (UGH!  Physical Therapy every single day...)

Anyway, Ive had to get a shot a day ever since then. And they don't even try to hide the needle, the nurse just turns around, the shot looks like a freaking Light Saber, and she´s like...

´´Bend Over!´´

Okay just kidding, I don't know what she says, they're always speaking..
Spanish haha duh.

 (Me going to get my shot for the day)

But it really does look like a Light Saber.

I started my first session of Physical Therapy this morning. And I go until next Saturday. Hermana Blanco just sat there and laughed at me all morning. She´s... great.

Other than THAT...

Things are good. We haven't been able to work as much as we have wanted this week because of my little.. accident. But We have some big goals for this transfer. And a lot of the people we are teaching are getting so close to Christ. They are noticing the blessings in their lives and its seriously the most beautiful thing to watch.

   (These little girls can't stop touching my hair. HaaHaa)

Thank you all for your emails and support, I read everyone of them!! I love you all.

The Church is True.

-Hermana Cedeño

p.s... I saw my first flock of Fireflies in my life this week. And I caught one. Like I was in a movie. It was SO cool. So there's that.
Okay, till next week haha

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