Monday, December 30, 2013

ADVICE. for all of you who think I know what im doing.

Okay, i have been getting mountains of emails from people coming to the Santa Cruz, Bolivia mission to serve or those who are just.. serving!! I'm so happy for you! And I kind of laugh way hard at you guys all week because I still have no idea what I'm doing, yet I still get questions every stinkin´week. You poor things.

This is the advice I have for ya, I hope it helps! Its kind of
specific to this mission.. But hopefully you can all pull something out of it.


-H&M (sizes run small.. learned that the hard way)
-DOWNEAST (sad but true.. all my favorite skirts are from there)
-MR. Mac (I have a teal flower dress from there and long gray skirt..
-The Loft.. especially when sales are in town. Holla
-Kims Fashion (if you live in Layton, Utah!)
-Anthropologie .. i actually didn't shop there. But if I would have had
$8439298 dollars to spare,
i would have.


-Tennis Shoes
-Regular shoes.. like Toms or something
-Flip Flops (black.. so you cant see how pretty they REALLY are)
-one pair of gray, black and brown walking shoes. I brought 2 black, 2
brown and 1 gray and i wish I didnt have so freakin many!
-RAINBOOTS OH MY HEAVENS please don't forget them
-Slippers! I wish I still had my slippers.. but i gave them away in
the MTC. Don't use them until you get to Bolivia so you have some new
-I wish I had a pair of Crocs. Look. I know they are ugly. But I want some.

I got my shoes (my favorite ones) at Bass&Co. I love them lots!


-Bring Sweatpants that bunch at the bottom so you can just pull them
up around your calf. I love mine.

-A RAIN JACKET. I got mine from Eddie Bower and I love it! just a
light one, its still hot when it rains.

-Lots of Socks and I would bring at least 14 pairs of Garments. I only
brought Carinessa.. and I wish I would have brought more cotton material ones!!

-Basket ball shorts or light material capris for exercise and Pday activities!!

THINGS TO KNOW/BRING.. sorry I'm not more organized haha

-Skirts or dresses with POCKETS. I love pockets.. its just nice to
stick your planner and pen in there and not having to dig around in
your bag every 10 seconds

-A BACKPACK. Look. I know they say not to bring one. But everyone here
has one. It is the best decision I ever made. Just big enough for
scriptures, pamphlets, and a notebook.

-Stuffed Animal. I'm weird, I know. But I love mine from home. He´s just my friend.

-A Pencil Box with sticky tabs, tape, sticky notes, mini stapler, glue
stick, minnie colored pencils, paper clips, mini scissors, rubber
bands...etc. I got it as a gift for my mission and its my favorite
thing EVER.

-Band-aids. Just.. a first aid kit. A good nice one. You'll want it, promise.

-Flashlight! For things like writing letters or in your journal at night, or doing laundry at night.. outside.. in the rain.

-Rubber Gloves! For doing your laundry.. By hand :) Welcome to the land of Bolivia.

-Shade Shirts! Modest is hottest. #Downeast...

-Waterproof watch that matches.. everything.

-PICTURES OF THE FAM DAMILY. Seriously, everyone wants to see those things.

-Bug spray. With Deet. They are everywhere.

-.. There are NO TAMPONS. Well. I heard there are in the city. But I'm in Tarija.. far away from the City. And I have seen none. Don't bring pads, they have those. But bring Tampons.

- A Book for people to write in. A ´´Libro de Recuerdos´´. (Book of Remembrance) You'll want a nice one from the USA. There arent any nice books here. I got mine at Staples.

-A bag for the shower. I just brought a Nike draw string bag, Its great. And LOOFAS. I wish so bad I had a loofa. Bring a few. You don't need a ton of shampoo and conditioner. They have decent brands and such here.

-Stickers. If you want to be the most loved human being ever. I can't get the Primary kids away from me.

-Lined paper.. THERE IS NONE HERE. Just bring a couple of those 20 cent notebooks.

-Don't freak out over a filtered water bottle. They don't want us to use them anyway. They give you clean water for your apartment. I wish I  hadn't spent so much money on a water bottle with a filter. Just bring a water bottle you can fill up and carry around.

-MUSIC. Cd´s, CD player, ihome. I wish I had brought an ipod that has a screen so i can actually CHOOSE what I listen to.. but its fine.  Bring talks. Those are my favorite, my companion has a ton that we
fall asleep listening to every night.

-A wallet with zippers! Because i HATE change. and That's basically all Bolivianos is. So make sure you have something to put your Bolivianos in.

-Candy you LIKE. And don't get crazy and eat it all in the MTC. Save it for here. I wish I had sour patch watermelons and M&M´s more than anything right now. If your coming here.. bring me a pack.

- Also bring.. i hate to say this.. GUM. For the plane ride. While you study. Just.. trust me.

-I brought sharpies in every color of the rainbow and I love myself for it.

- Recipes of things.. easy things. Like pancakes, No Bake Cookies... things you don't need an oven for.

-Get an Address book and start filling it out!! If i didn't have mine, I wouldnt know AnyBodys address unless they wrote me. I love it. Get home addresses and emails. Also, get a calendar and write peoples birthdays on it!!

-You'll never need to straighten your hair. Don't bring a straightener.
Youll never use it. Never. Ever. At least.. I never have. ;)

-Tide to Go. I use it like.. EVERY DAY.


-Take pictures AND videos. You will want to remember Everything.

-Write down things in a little notebook all week that you want to
write home. If I didn't.. There is no way I would remember anything all

-Try new things. Even if it looks freakin' nasty. Just taste it.

-ASK QUESTIONS. Be confident that you DON'T know the language. Once I started doing that.. I learned a lot more. When I pretended like I knew what everyone was talking about was when I was the most stressed out. If you dont know what people are saying.. just say..

-Have big hair. Everyone wants to talk to you and be your friend.

- ITS SNACKING that makes you gain weight. I promise you with all my heart. Its not what other people feed you, its what you feed yourself. hats why I'm 7,348,927 pounds now. We don't talk about that.

- EXERCISE. Yeah, i know it sucks. But I'm the missionary that runs stairs every morning.. while my companion sits outside and watches.  There's always that one in the companionship.. be the runner!!

- PACKAGES. Tell your mommy to tape that crap up and put pictures of Mary on there. If she has to write what's in it, don't write Clothes, Candy.. anything that sounds appealing. People will take it out.

Just.. be smart!

-- LOOK. Just know that its going to be hard. Being away from family, learning a new language, having a companion.. its just hard. Nothing I ever say will prepare you for what you have just signed up for. You think you just signed up to walk around, knock on doors, and talk about Christ.. you didnt.

You just signed up to REPRESENT CHRIST. And representing Christ means that we will have to experience at least one of the many tears he experienced for us. This isn't a study abroad, this isnt your senior trip. This is something huge. You are going to love deeper, pray harder, forgive easier, you are going to see things, hear things and
feel things that you didnt know existed before your mission. Buckle up and prepare to have your testimony completely blown out of the water.  I have never known more in my life that this Church is true. I love these people more than I ever imagined I would or could.

Its scary. But you didnt decide to go on a mission to sit and watch.

OPEN YOUR MOUTH. Talk to people! Laugh, cry, testify, smile at people, tell them good morning, ask them if they need help with groceries, give a boliviano to the begger sitting on the corner. You are a representative of Jesus the Christ. Do what you can to live up to that title.

Good luck with everything, Please never hesitate to email me with questions.

The Church is True

Hermana CedeƱo

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