Monday, December 30, 2013


Okay, another week without an email from Nicole.  She was able to get a small "family email" out and some pics so I wanted to share some of it.  Hopefully the internet connection is better next week!



I needed that sooo bad on Wednesday. just seeing you and talking to you was awesome!! 

Let Grandma and Grandpa know I tried to call them if they didn't know!

They didn't answer.. but tell them Thank you for EVERYTHING. I drink the hot chocolate they sent me everyday. The Hot chocolate powder here is not the same, and theirs was sooo good.

Let me know what you are doing for New Years!! send me pictures!!

Cambios (transfers) are tomorrow and I hope with all my heart Hna Blanco and I stay here together one more transfer. I'm so scared haha!

Thanks for my package for Christmas!! The shoe shine.. i needed that so bad haha i love my skirts, I love my nice toothbrush. Thank you thank you. And tell Brock and Andie thank you for their letters, they made me laugh!! And to Stacie!  A GIGANTIC SHOUT OUT!  THANKS FOR THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT!

A few pics...

 Me handing out candy canes to the primary! 
 A Parrot I am now friends with and she says my name!
 The road home...  Every day...  Mom send boots!
 My Family and I talking on Christmas Day!
 Tan Lines... No Bueno...
 A Glimpse of the area where I live...
 Me and Sister Blanco! 
 Preparing for the Church Christmas Party.

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