Monday, December 23, 2013

who let the dogs out


So I started counting how many dogs I saw last Tuesday at about 5:30 p.m. And I stopped this morning.

And I counted 627.

 The sad part about all of this is... that that is a very inaccurate number because I went hours throughout the week without counting because I either forgot.. or I didn't feel like it. Yay, Tarija Bolivia.

Shout outs!! Happy Birthday to Joseph Smith. Imma go celebrate with some Ice Cream later..

Also! to Sister Ibarra and Sister Biehl, Gino, The Jensen Family, and Shirlee Dickson´s email.. I got the best letters on the planet earth from you people. I needed that. Love you all.

Tuesday I did Intercambios (exchanges) with Sister Ariza. The cutest little missionary from Colombia. I was SO scared. I don't speak Spanish. I don't know my area. I don't know how to be a missionary and I was on the verge of.. going home.

But it was actually.. the best. I found out I know more Spanish than I thought I did. She has been in the field 9 months.. and  I learned A TON from her during lessons. She really set a bar for me and I want SO badly to be a good teacher. She helped me set a goal for myself. It was great.

I also learned why Heavenly Father blessed (cursed..) me with such gigantic hair. Because, he knew I was going to be a missionary in Santa Cruz Bolivia one day and that everyone in the country would want to talk to me just by looking at me. And He also knew that I wouldn't be able to speak Spanish. SO. It makes people COME TO ME. Instead of the other way around. He´s a.. smart one. .. understatement of the year.

Hermana Blanco and I have had some.. SERIOUS SUCCESS. This week. What did I tell you all in my last email?? The Rain of Blessings is comin´ down. Also the water.. we don't talk about that.

We have a GOOOOLLLDEEEN investigator with a baptism date of January 11. We knocked doors and found a family (with married parents. I could hear the Hallelujah chorus), a drunk man that invited us back..

hopefully he remembers, and a single mom. And I´ve never met such prepared people. The love I feel for these people.. like. I don't know.

It almost stresses me OUT. I think about them more than I.. breathe!

So I'm having this problem.. called Dulce De Leche. I eat whole containers in 2 days. Hermana Blanco keeps telling me to use an knife and not ´´DIP´´.. I've yet to take that advice. Everyone.. please still be my friend if I'm about 8,697 pounds heavier when I return, thank you.


The Bishopric planned a party.. and it was Hoppin´. But it didn't start till 9:00 at NIGHT. So Hermana Blanco and I were.. missionaries. And were at home. But it was at the Chapel.. and I heard it went till about 2:00 in the morning. Hey. Latinos don't mess around.

On Sunday, The ward nicknamed me ´´Mama Noel´´ because my mom had sent me Candy Canes to give to the Primary.. AND THAT'S WHAT I DID. Except for none of the kids have every tried Candy Canes, so they were all running around after their first lick yelling:


Yeah. Its peppermint haha!

Merry Christmas MERRY CHRISTMAS. I love you all :) Thanks for your support and for being amazing.

Also, if you found my blog and you email me and I don't email you back.. ITS NOT BECAUSE I'M IGNORING YOU. Its because I have a little amount of time.. and Ill get back to you ASAP. I'm so happy you all think I'm a pro missionary hhahahahha

The advice I give all you new missionaries.. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Asi es.

With all my love,

Hermana CedeƱo

(No pics this week, Sister Cedeno couldn't get them to go through....  internet.... UGH!)

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