Monday, January 13, 2014

The Church is True! I love Tarija, Bolivia!

We didn't get a long email from Sister Cedeno today, but lots of pics with tag lines so here ya go!

IF I don't have time to do my other letter, make sure you write SHOUT OUT TO THE FAMILY AND TO THE WARD.  I got the Christmas cards and letters from the neighborhood Christmas party!  Those were the best the best the BEST. I haven't ever been so happy . UGH!. i loved them..

I'M GREAT. this is a pic of my last day in therapy. yay. it was.. fun. on Friday.

ALSO. we had so much fun with our pajamas... we just LOOOVE that we get to match not only every day.. BUT NOW EVERY NIGHT hahaha They're the best we seriously love them, thank you!! and my CD!! WE  have it on replay so hard core, its so good!

We taught this cute girl, Camila, the discussions before her baptism on Saturday, it was too fun. She is seriously a crack up, i was laughing so hard every lesson!  

I drew her this picture and gave her a CTR ring after her baptism. It was the cutest.

IF IT RAINS ONE MORE TIME... I am soooo done with the rain. its so.. wet. gah.

Also. show this to dad. I'm trying to take more pictures of my food because he always asks about... the food. haha but I only took this one!! I'll take more this week, I promise!! 

I read a little part from your other email. IT'S TRUE.  The letters are the best out of everything. EVEN EMAILS because I can print them and read them and read them and read them. I loooove it.
I keep my stuff in one of the folders you sent me... IT'S FULL I LOVE IT. 

AND ALSO. I WAS LAUGHING SOOOO HARD at this letter from Jonathan.. hahahaha so funny. Thank you so much for that, I've never been so happy.  All of the letters from everyone... I was just stoked.  It was awesome.  I took the pretzel m&m's to the Bishops house to share because they have never even had... pretzels.  They were all gone in an hour. but it was great, thank you so much.

I got DearElders from before i had even left the MTC!!! The district leaders were calling names for letters and it was like ´´CEDENO, CEDENO, CEDENO, CEDENO, CEDENO, CEDENO.....´´ because i had gotten 18 letters hahahaha! Everyone was dying. even though they were from the beginning of November haha thank you!  I loved them!


Mom, you wrote ´´hey Missy´´ at the top of your letter... and I STARTED CRYING because I could just hear your voice and I miss it dearly. uggghhhh. I'm tearing up right now.  You guys will never know how much I miss the 4 of you.  It's.. a lot. I think about you so much. 

So, if you look up the ´´Cemitario Jardin´´ i think is how its spelled. it has a giant angel statue. I can see it from my house. if you get a picture that shows it... across the way there is a yellow building.. that's the building I'm living in. In Senac, Tarija, Bolivia. If you can find it!

Also. the bishops kids started singing ´´Los pollitos dice.. pio pio pio.. cuando tienen hambre, cuando tienen frio´´ ... and i was laughing so hard!  Dad sang that song to me my entire life!

Tell Char to expect a letter, I'm sending her one later.

This is a pic of Camila and her uncle and the bishop (bishop on the left) i love these people, it was awesome!


Thank you for my quote. it is forever in my journal I love it, its so cute!!!

Found a wish bone.  

The Church is true!  I love you all!  

Bye love you!!!


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