Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Update to the Fam...

All,  I'm so sorry I didn't get this out sooner.  I've been traveling a ton this month.  She didn't have a ton of time to send an email so I'm editing the family email and sending it in place.  Thanks to all those who write to her, it means so much to us.  Please keep her in your hearts and prayers.  
Nicole's Family 


Ann flint wrote me a valentines card. I love her haha especially because I didn't get to hear from anyone this week!
Elder Portas!  YEAH - He was a missionary in Utah taught my Dad the lessons.  He's home now but he wrote me a letter!  Thank you so much Elder!
AND My Lancelle Friend Tony!  I love her and miss her so much!  LB Girl!  Thanks for writing me!

Also. i think my packages came today... but the zone leaders haven't handed anything out.. HB. they're sooo .... sneaky? They have like 20 boxes over there, C'mon!

LAST week, after LAST Monday... like LAST LAST Monday, we found out we were getting our interviews with the president!!  I was WAY excited.  I haven't talked to him much and this made my week.  We found out that we were going to santa cruz that same day for immigration papers! It was really awesome to see Hermana Crandall and Elder Gallagher again. It was kind of sad because the rest of our group was serving in Santa Cruz, so we didnt get to see everyone because they had done their stuff the day before. But it was nice to see how everyone was holding up! 

Carnival... was fun? haha we had LOTS of study to do because President gave us homework. But Hermana Lyon and I made it lots of fun and we ended up learning a lot and making lots of goals together.

Also we laughed so hard I thought i was going to pee. We definitely made it fun.

 We have investigators that we absolutely ADORE.

Heidi, our golden investigator, is seriously.. awesome. We started teaching her the plan of salvación the other day and she was like FREAKING OUT over the fact that she "CHOSE TO COME TO EARTH".

I've never seen anyone so happy about the plan of salvación haha it was great.

We had Stake Conference yesterday.. and it was crazy. All of the members in Tarija come to the stake center, my chapel, and they had chairs OUTSIDE and just opened all the windows so that the members on chairs outside could hear. And they blasted it. Elder Russel M. Nelson was like screaming. Not to mention the fact that they translated his talk into Spanish.. and HE READ IT. Elder Nelson spoke Spanish. It was the sickest thing I've ever seen.


 We tried to make German Pancakes....that's embarrassing!

I'm sending letters today!! expect them!! I love you so much, sorry this is short. Dad, I reread a lot of letters you sent me the other day I was laughing so hard. LB

Until next week... The church is true!
I love you All!
Hermana Cedeno

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