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I love you all and I hope your day is (was…) unbelievable. Love you love you!!! :-)


This was just a week jam PACKED of absolutely nothing

Super sad, ya know, because Hermana Briviesca and I worked SO stinkin'dang hard and these people just aren’t progressing. We might have to just go back to "point A" and look for new investigators again. It just broke my little heart because we have really been teaching some amazing people that had some serious goals to be baptized, but with each person… something happened that kept them from going to church, or kept them from being able to visit with us this week… and things just keep happening. And Hermana Briviesca and I just kept getting so discouraged.
It's also been super hard trying to take care of the huge area that was left behind by the 2 hermanas that just left our ward. SO ROUGH

I've definitely dado cuenta de que cuando the investigators get closer and closer to being baptized.. Satan just gets harder and harder to overcome for them. And it just hurts me watching them fight that battle, ya know? Because to me it looks so easy!  Just… GET IN THE WATER.

But I know it's not like that. I went through the same thing when I made the decision to serve a mission. As soon as I started filling out my papers and getting myself prepared, I began to think of EVERY REASON NOT TO GO.

And since I made it on the plane and to Bolivia… I've realized that it's the best decision I ever could've made . And I know that that's EXACTLY how it will be when these people get baptized. They just have to make it to the font , and after that, they'll have all the heavenly help in the world. We just need to help them see that. 

Honestly, President Willard is just FULL of surprises. There actually ARE 4 hermanas here again!!! And Hermana Briviesca and I just got split up. We're in the same ward, live in the same house, we just have different areas and different companions. 

I'm with Hermana Adams from Payson, Utah. She just kills me, I just met her this morning and I already love her to death. She is just hilarious. I know we are going to do great things in our area. Honeslty… we still don’t even know what our area is! We don’t know if we are the neighborhood of "Guaracal" or "La Morita". I'm definitely a LOT more comfortable in La Morita, but we'll see what happens. 

Thanks for all of your support. I absolutely love serving during this time of year. Because I'm almost.. like… FORCED to think about what's really important.

Before, at home, I thought about Family, friends, food, gifts, movie theaters, nights out late, stores, black Friday..

But here.. there are no friends, family, food, gifts.. NONE OF IT! And I think of Christ and serving him. And I love it more than anything. 


-Hermana Cedeño

 Me and Hermana Brivesca
 My "mom"(my very first companion/trainer) is in my zone again!  And she leaves on Thursday....  I can't believe she's going home!

 Hermana Brivesca and I.  We got split up with two companions, but we are in the same house! 

 A family that I love dearly.  La Familia Enrique

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