Thursday, December 11, 2014

Short and Sweet!


This is gonna be a way short email.

I just want you to all know that I'm alive and well and just drowning in miracles from Heaven. I am so grateful for all of the amazing people I've met here. I can't believe just how many people Heavenly Father has prepared to receive the Gospel here. Hermana Briviesca and I are working so hard.

We've started a new transfer and the house feels super empty without two more sisters. but hopefully more sisters come in January. 

Okay. time is up. sorry mom.. 

haha but I'm happy here, I really am :) I love the work.. I feel different. I've never felt more like a missionary than I do now. And I'm really okay with it. I love it.

I love you all!


Hermana Cedeno 

 When we went to Gabriela's house last Monday!

It is seriously Gabriela's fault I'm fat.  She always buys us this stuff haha!

 When I saw Hermana Jojola at the festival!
 Hermana Rivera took a picture of me praying... rude.

 Hermana Duran at a sisters conference we had on Wednesday :)

Playing on Google earth with some members last night. haha.  They were all laughing so hard about how excited I was to go home for a sec.

Sometimes I teach ballet in our family home evenings. this is Sofi and she is A HOOT. she always says "HERMANA BRIVIESCA AND MY DANCE TEACHER ARE HERE." and I'm like.... "... that's Hermana CedeƱo... but okay." hahaha

 This is a picture of Rome from Yacuiba that she sent me.  I Love her so much!!!

This was last Monday when I felt like crap.  I bet when I told you I was drinking a sprite you didn't imagine a little glass bottle hahaha yay bolivia...

 You can't see it very well.... but the wall says "ABRIL"... and that's when I go home so there's that hahaha!

 Me and Hermana Lainez :-)
 This lady is just like Grandma Kathy and that's why we're best friends. I laugh so.. hard. she is hilarious.

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