Monday, January 19, 2015

I am changing companions like... nobody's business...

 Okay, this is as close as I'm going to get to an email this week :-).  It's the letter to my mission president and  a few pics as well.  Have a great week and I love you all so much.  

The church is True!


Hermana Cedeno

Presidente Willard,

I am changing companions like… nobody's business. Haha No it's great. First off, I want to thank you so much for sending me Hermana Pucheta. She is absolutely amazing! Now that we're doing 12 semanas again, I literally feel like she's training me and I am totally okay with that. I hope that by the end of our time together, I will have become more like her.

She has such a love for this work and she literally takes advantage of every minute that she has as a missionary. I'm so impressed… I wish I would've been the missionary she is when I had 9 months on the mission. I feel  like I'm working with someone that has 46 months on the mission. What an example she is to me. Guaracal already loves her.

We are working really hard and really hard with the MEMBERS!! My testimony of working with members has grown so much this week. What an impact they have on the people that are investigating the church. I'm so grateful for their help in the work of Salvation. This really is Christ's church. And we really are His Disciples. I'm so grateful for this time that I have to dedicate absolutely everything I have to such a cause. I love being a missionary more than anything else… I fell like I was…MADE for this. Like that was the whole purpose of Him creating me.. was to serve His other Children. And I'm okay with that :-) I really love the people I'm teaching. And I pray for them so much because I just want them to know what we know… I get so worried about them and I never want them to feel discouraged. It's like "perserverar hasta el fin" ("Persevere to the end")  before baptism :-).

Thanks for everything you do President.

D&C 20:37 

--Hermana CedeƱo

 So, I don't know if you remember Hermana Villanueva. She was with me when I skyped you guys for mother's day. She is from La Paz, Bolivia. She literally became like one of my closest friends ever. And I love her so much. She just finished her mission on Thursday and President is the best and let her come and visit me. It was actually way hard saying goodbye to her because I don't know when I'll see her again. On Wednesday, I saw her for the first time since last June, and for the last time until I come to Bolivia to visit her again :) I really love her a lot.

The missionaries of the ward and Jose Maria, he goes on his mission to Colombia on Tuesday and we are all so proud of him. he´s 25 years old and stuck with the desires to serve the lord. it´s really never too late.

 Hermana Nielson and Hermana Briviesca

 Hermana Briviesca and Me :-)

This is me and my pensionista and her family and I love them :)


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