Sunday, January 11, 2015


Sorry mom, I always use my time for other stuff!!!

But I don't have a good letter for you. I'm a loser. but we got an emergency transfer last night and Hermana Adams is going to Tarija tomorrow and guess who is going to be my companion???

My first companion that I ever had in the whole mission!! Hermana Davenport from the provo MTC! 

But this week was so good mom.

We are teaching so many amazing people that are going to get baptized this month. One is a couple that have been coming to church for months and months, and they want to be baptized SO bad. their son is baptized. But they can't get baptized because the wife is married to someone else and the couple isn't married. They have been trying to get the divorce between the wife and her ex for months, but he is not cooperating. please pray for them, we are trying to get this divorce over with in the next few months so that they can be baptized. It will take a lot of faith. but if you could fast for them this February, it would mean the world. 

Also a woman named Carla and her son Christian are getting baptized this month! I am so excited for them.

HERE is a copy of the email I sent to my mission president so you can read a bit more about my week, sorry I'm a loser. thanks for always writing me even though I don't always write haha I LOVEYOU!!

Presidente Willard,

Holy moly… We are just having Cambios de Emergencia all over Guaracal for the past few cambios. But hey, I've learned to just accept every cambio with open arms because, by the end, I always realize that that's what God wanted for me all along. I'm always so sad at the beginning… and then God always proves me wrong and I'm like… way happy by the end haha

But I will miss Hermana Adams!! I was worried about this next cambio getting switched out of this ward though, because this week Hermana Adams and I really applied Doctrina y Convenios 20:37… and I have never seen faster results.

We were having the hardest time getting our investigators to commit to come to church and actually follow through. But this week, we found 2 families, and a couple "singles". Every single one of our investigators con fecha bautismal showed up at church on Sunday BY THEIR OWN FREE WILL! I about peed my pants every time one of them walked through the sacrament meeting door. Because they really understood the importance of D&C 20:37, they showed up to church ready to feel the spirit. We ended up with 2 con 6 progresando this week. And that was definitely a testimony booster for me.

Not to mention the fact that we were in the middle of a powerful Ayuno. And That was exactly what we had fasted for. Was that the investigators would progress. And we are so proud of them! And we are so proud of the members for being so supportive. GO GUARACAL! I love these guys :-)

This week, Hermana Briviesca had an intercambio with Hermana Zapata, so I got to see her and talk to her for a bit. And oh, how I missed her! What an amazing missionary she is! I can't wait till I get to have my intercambio with her. I'm so happy she is my Hermana Capacitadora. I told her I wanted to kill her. Which would mean she would kill me… but hey. I think Heavenly Father would be okay with that… hint, hint… wink… President. I want to be Hermana Zapata´s companion haha

President!! Interviews are coming up AGAIN?? What?! Isn't that insane? I just feel like time is flying. I don't even know what to think. But the mission is beautiful and I've never learned so much in so little time! I have a few elders that have finished their missions that email me and tell me how much they miss the mission… and I never want to be them. I'll just stay in Santa Cruz forever.

Also, President, one of my friends is coming to this mission.. Her name is Taryn Petroff. And I was wondering if there is a way I could see her before I leave?  I was in shock when she got her call to this mission and I can't stop telling her how much she is going to love you and Hermana Willard haha 

Thanks for everything President!!

Love, Hermana Cedeño


haha seriously though. I'm going to buy another memory card and then I'm not plugging it into computers anymore. sorry haha

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