Friday, November 1, 2013

Big Hair, Don't Care


If this hasn't been the craziest 2 weeks of my life.. i don't know what has. 

Let me just start with the fact that JUST LEAVING PROVO was the most stressful thing that I have ever done in my whole life. So we all get on a bus, head to a train and are on our way to the SLC Airport. On the train I get super distracted... ANYWAY. We switch trains and as we are driving away I realize..


K. Seriously. Who does that. 

So I get to the Airport, I'm on the phone with Mission Travel Services and I find out that my District is leaving.. and I am going back to Provo.

Hardest goodbye ever? Basically.

The ride back to the Provo MTC was MISERABLE. I was suuuuper upset. 

When I get to the Provo MTC, everyone is finding me a new schedule and a new companion that I would need until I left for Colombia. BUT, thank the heavens above, they found me a flight to Colombia that was leaving in an hour. I've never cried so many happy and sad tears before 9:00 A.M. before. It was great.

So I hit up the plane and I get to Atlanta and I find like 6 other Elders. I was so HAPPY. So happy to have other missionaries to ride with. We arrived in COLOMBIA about 5 hours later and I realized, to my pleasant surprise, I had gotten to Colombia before my District who had left about 4 hours before me. ROCK ON.

As soon as I saw the Elders in my District.. I can't describe my happiness. It was to the max. That's all.

We got picked up by 2 Hermanos. We all piled into their giant white vans without hesitation.

WITHOUT HESITATION. Seriously, I didn't even think to question it until we were driving full speed down the highway. Like.. who are these guys?

Luckily.. life was good. Made it to The CCM alive and well. SÚPER BIEN!

The CCM is dang small. I absolutely looove it. 8 girls in one room is actually the We have fun.

The food is SOOO much better than in Provo. Now I just gotta watch out for Obesity. (carbs on carbs on carbs on carbs....). Not to mention the fact that exercise here is IMPOSSIBLE. I felt like I could run for days in Provo. The Elevation here makes me wanna die after one lap around the CCM. And the CCM is tiny. So its awesome.

Can I just say that the humidity here is CRAY CRAY. My hair is gigantic. Its kind of great.

The Español is RIDICULOUS. I have the hardest times with it some days. Its so hard. But I'm learning. SLOOWLY. But surely :) Its definitely coming. 

Last week was AWESOME. We got to go to the actual city (FREEDOM. The CCM is like a prison. No bueno.) And we went proselyting with our compañeros. It was so fun. Hermana Davenport y yo managed to give away a couple pamphlets and a Libro de Mormon. It was super frustrating at the beginning, but we said ourselves a little prayer and things went really smooth after that. I wish you could see the city of Bogota. IT IS INCREDIBLE. Just insane.

We went to the Bogota Temple on Tuesday and I thought we were gonna run over like 36 people on the way there. Way scary haha!

The Temple was ABSOLUTLEY GORGEOUS. Such an amazing experience. I cant wait for our temple trip next week :)

I am soooo happy here. I feel the spirit all the time. It get so hard, and I get discouraged so easily. But prayer has been my best friend lately. I KNOOOW Heavenly Father hears us. I am SO grateful for that. I love it here. I love it here. I love it here.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers. It means soo much. I LOVE YOU ALL!

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