Wednesday, October 23, 2013

i'm alive! i'm in colombia!

Yesterday was the worst/best day of my life. I'm in Colombia! 

So after I talked to you in Atlanta, I didn't end up sitting by any of the Elders I met. It was okay though, I sat by a man that lived in Bogota and He helped me out a TON. Plus... practice teaching the Gospel. It was awesome.

As soon as I got off the plane I was SEARCHING SO HARD for my District. After about 22 years, I saw Elder Robison y Elder Pacheco. Best moment ever. ahhh.

The CCM es soooooo different than the Provo MTC. En Serio, I can{t even explain it. I wish you could see it. The food is ammmmazing. Just like Dad said. Avocado slices the size of watermelon slices, soup for lunch, the juice rocks. The hot chocolate rocks (sorry ashley... guess you bettter come to Colombia on your mission) Es da best.

They took our passports. And Cameras. Our food. And no more listening to Music of any kind.

I love it though. Super hard to get used to. Colombia is BEAUTIFUL. Just outside the MTC is just... ah. unbelievable. The humidity rocks, windows are always open. And... sirens are always going outside. like 223232 jewelry stores are getting broken into every day or something haha I really love it though. PDAY is on Wednesday! MUAH!

I love it here!

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