Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This kind of thing only happens to me.....

Okay so this is in the words of my mom, not me because I haven't had a chance to even think while all this is going on.  Here's my mom's side of the story...

We went to the airport to meet Sister Cedeno (we know this is "highly discouraged", but that's how we are, we couldn't help ourselves) to see her off to the Colombia MTC and to meet her district (her other family).  We arrived about 5:45 AM and waited, and waited and waited...  We met Jimmy, he's the man responsible for checking in the missionaries and making sure they all get tickets with Delta, he's awesome by the way, we love him.  We told Jimmy our daughter was going to Colombia and he informed us the Colombia crew had not arrived yet.  at approximately 7:00 AM Jimmy said, "Is your daughter in that group because they are all going to Colombia"  We said no and waited a few minutes longer.  Ashley said, "Mom is that Elder Pacheco?"  She recognized him from the pictures Nicole had sent home.  We went over to talk to him and he said, "Oh my gosh I don't even know how to tell you this.  Sister Cedeno lost her passport on the train and she is with a travel agent from the church and they are trying to find it."  Of course this kind of think "always" happens to Nicole so I'm not surprised but slightly panicked.  

Quick Note:  We absolutely lover her little district!  They are absolutely adorable and we know exactly why she loves them and why she is wants to be with them.  This alone is a huge blessing for her and for us just to meet this group of people.

Fast Forward two hours later...  Sister Cedeno Calls me from the MTC in Provo and tells me that she has her passport.  Apparently someone found it on the train and made sure it got back to the MTC.  It made it there before she did and she is scheduled to go on a flight to Atlanta, Ga in 2 hours, she's headed back to the airport on Front Runner and she'll be in Colombia tonight.  She actually arrives in Colombia 12 minutes before her entire district!  Whoo Hoo!

I'm not sure why Sister Cedeno is on another flight or who the Lord needs her to meet or what lesson she needs to learn but I am grateful she is able to go and will be with her family soon.

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  1. Oh my.....that is crazy. So did you ever see her? That is just crazy. So glad she found it.