Friday, October 18, 2013

"nobody saw that"

Holy cow. SHOUT OUT TO Michelle Baires, Ann Flint and my awesome Grandparents for writing me letters! Mail is the best thing ever here! Ill do my very very best to get back to you ASAP. Also. My family sent me the best package ever :)

AND shout out to Andie, Mikel and Grandpa this past week and a half! Happy Birthday!

This week, we REALLY dived into "missionary mode". It was soooo awesome. I learned so much. At one point my companion was sick AND the other Hermana's companion in my room was sick. So me and Hermana Ellison went on Splits. It was awesome. We were teaching an "investigator" this week. Only in espanol, so it gets super hard at times. There was a point where we didn't even KNOW what we were trying to say. We wanted so badly to express ourselves, to let the investigator know that the Book of Mormon is TRUE. And we didn't know what to say. So Hermana Ellison flips through her Spanish Book of Mormon and asks him to read the only highlighted scripture she had. 

It flipped the lesson around. I could feel the spirit. The investigator seemed to understand what we wanted.

After ending the lesson we searched the scripture we had asked him to read in english and, i can't remember what it was right now.. ah, but it was PERFECT. It explained how Praying helps you receive answers to know things are true. We were in shock. 

I mean.. I always here stories of missionaries teaching by the spirit. How things just "come out" and it's exactly what you wanted. But WOW. I didn't think it would happen to ME haha It was just unreal. I noticed that lessons I followed the spirit, rather than my notes, went a LOT better.

Spanish is coming along SO well. Everyone speaks it here ALL THE DANG TIME. I would pick it up even if I tried not to. It's coming easily, and I'm excited to keep getting better!! ahhh!!!

So.. this is a fun story. I had my tray of food in the cafeteria.. totally ready to dig in. And of course, I set my tray on the counter to get a drink and I didn't put my TRAY ALL THE WAY ON THE COUNTER so as soon as I let go.. FOOD EVERYWHERE. And it goes quiet. And then:

1 Elder: It's okay, NOBODY SAW THAT!

2 Elder: I did!

Me: -_-


Anyway. Gym time is the best time. It's nice to... wear pants. And sweat and look unattractive for about an hour a day. Skirts get old quick.

Another story. All of the Missionaries in my District were teaching the investigator in our companionships. And one Sister companionship came back SO embarrassed. The investigator had asked them "Como Estan?" meaning "how are you both?" and The missionary said "Muy Bueno" which in Colombia I guess means... She thought she was sexy. So she told the investigator she was pretty hot stuff. Awk.

The "right answer" for every teacher at the MTC is "To bring others unto Christ" and I always get it wrong!! I forget.

TEACHER: why did you wear that skirt, Hermana Cedeno?

ME: I dunno.. it was clea-


oh yeah. That's why. Or:

TEACHER: Why are you eating food in my class?

ME: Oh sorry I jus-


I just always forget why I do things. Problem. I'm trying. 

So on WEDNESDAY our whole District is sitting in class and the "beep" goes off. Meaning they're about to call missionaries to the front desk over the intercom. And BEFORE THE LADY EVEN SAID ANYTHING (you guys wont even believe me... this story is insane) I SAY:

"Guys, they're probably gonna call our whole district down to tell us we got our visas and we're leaving haha"

and then she starts.. "Elder Lohmeier, Elder Pacheco, Elder Robins, Sister Ellison..." AND SAYS EVERYONES NAME BUT MINE!

So everyones freaking out that I "called it" and I'm freaking out because I'm the only one not going!! But then no worries.. 

I'M GOING TO COLOMBIA. I LEAVE TUESDAY MORNING AND I CAN'T WAIT. Next email will be from South America. Holla.

I love it here. Who said Disney Land was the happiest place on earth? pah.


Hermana Cedeno

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