Monday, November 10, 2014

I love family history

I hit my 13 months yesterday… congratulations to me?  Its just going by way too fast guys. 

Today is Hermana Crandall's birthday! That just kills me because I remember celebrating it with her last year in the Colombia MTC hhaah She is amazing and I miss her a lot. To be honest.. I don’t even know where she is right now haha
Blake Harber… HAPPY BIRTHDAY. What a rockstar. I'm expecting a breakfast burrito the first week I get back, I miss the crap out of those things. And I'll sing you happy birthday… in Spanish.
Last Tuesday we had our Zone Conference. Usually, we have it all together with all the Zones in Santa Cruz, so I was STOKED to see Jojola. But this conference we did it split-up… so I didn’t see her and that was sad. But igual (the same), I learned a lot and I always come out of Conferences a better missionary. I always figure out how I can be just a little better.
I want to be able to give my will to the Lord. To just GIVE it to Him. If I am guided by the spirit, but TRULY-REALLY guided by the spirit, I will be doing what God wants me to do, I will be doing, and planning and preaching and learning according to HIS will. And the more of His will that I'm doing, the more I'm giving my will to Him. Or, better, the more I do His will, the more my will becomes His will. And I become His. And we have the same way to get to the same destination.
It was hard hearing the ultimo testimonies as well.. we heard from
Hermanas Eden, Cladera and Lainez
And Elders Robalino, Hammond, and Burrola.
It was just.. heart breaking. Us 4 Hermanas went home just like.. almost traumatized by all of the tears shed by those that are leaving this transfer. And we decided that… we're never going home. So there's that.
On Thursday, Hermana Briviesca and I were invited to go to La Estaca CaƱoto so that the sister missionaries there could teach us how to do Historia Familiar (Family History). And the whole way there I'm thinking…
"Im preeetty sure this is just grandma stuff… but okay"
And we got there and they got me started and I am now obsessed with doing family history work. And when I get home, I'm going to spend all my dang free time on the computer looking for my ancestors because, guys, I just LOVE IT.
(my mom is thinking right now.. "whatever happened to shoe-shopping and midnight slurpee runs…?" Mom… those days are over.)
Hermana Briviesca and I are really working hard and we are finding lots of people to teach. We really are working hard and we have a couple of people we are preparing for baptism. We're excited for them. :-) I love this ward, I really do . sometimes I realllly miss my querido LA PAMPA, but I know this is where the Lord wants me, I can feel it :-)

I love you all!


Hermana Cedeno

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