Wednesday, November 5, 2014

you went to jerusalem?

Mi Tia Monica's birthday is this week!! "one year older and wiser too…" When I left you were just a mommy and an Auntie. And in the last year you've become a Grandma of like 100 grand babies. Hahaha happy birthday :-)

Shoot guys, not much time left. This is gonna be a short one.
Not to mention the fact that not much happened this week.

Hermana Willes, Hermana Briviesca and Hrermana lainez and I have become so close and we are working super hard to help this ward.

We are looking for investigators like crazy. And that was about ALL we did this week. And we are working a lot with the less actives. I'm starting to get more and more comfortable in this ward. All of the members have fallen in love with my hair… so that helps when it comes to making friends here.

We have met a lot of new people and we are helping as many as we can make goals for baptism. The problem is… that its started to rain a lot. And people just DON’T COME TO CHURCH WHEN IT RAINS.

Why? I seriously… don’t even know. Haha

But all I know is that us as missionaries are really learning to love each other and get along and work together to strengthen this ward, Guaracal.

Especially Hermana Willes, she has come to be one of my bestest friends! Yesterday…

Her: "I like your skirt"

Me: "Thanks, I brought it from the Promised Land."


Me: "…"

Her: "…"

Me: "No girl… America."

Her: "..oh. oh yeah…"

I love her.

K guys I'm way sorry I have nothing to write. But I love you. And the church is true ;)

Words I teach hna. lainez. she is from Honduras and she is sooo hilarious.

 This is our church!

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